Bribery is ‘halal’ if done the Mahathir way

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In a blog posting featured by the opposition leaning Free Malaysia Today (FMT) last Monday, the 29th of May 2017, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was reported to have said that the Malays no longer advocated nationalism the way they once used to. According to the fractured ex-premier, the Malays would only save Malaysia if offered gratification, not otherwise.

Will history books one day contain a paragraph that reads ‘Once, there was a race known as the Malays but they have since become extinct due to avarice’? Only God knows,” said the former statesman, now 92.

Mahathir’s outburst was an apparent reaction to resignations by disgruntled Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) members who, last Friday, tendered their resignations en masse amid concerns that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was leading the party down the garden path

According to the FMT report, the former premier reflected on a time when he and his friends would spend their own money fighting against British rule. This, he said, was not prevalent among the Malays of the day, who wouldn’t lift a finger unless it benefited them.

We never expected anything in return other than to defend our dignity as a race,” said Mahathir, adding, “the Malays are now willing to see the country destroyed if not offered money, positions or contracts.”

That was Mahathir claiming the moral high ground, impressing upon the people that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone to fund a just cause. By his reasoning, we can now assume that he spent his own money bankrolling the many mudslinging campaigns he waged against the leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Or can we?


Seriously, you’d have to be one hell of a nut-job to think that.

But that is not all.

Earlier the same year, the former premier was offered funds worth some USD60 million to put a spoke in Najib’s leadership. The offer came from none other than George Soros, a man renowned for his notoriety and anarchic bent. Rest assured, Mahathir did not hesitate to take the billionaire up on his offer.

With terms of associations established, Soros began funneling the millions into offshore entities linked to Tun Daim Zainuddin and several of Mahathir’s proxies, many of whom are still in Malaysia this very moment. Half the sum was channeled in tranches beginning the month of August 2014, while the remaining portion was remitted towards the end of the year to help bankroll a spite-filled campaign against the Prime Minister and his wife.

With access to such funds, Mahathir wasted little time greasing the palms of some prominent UMNO politicians and bribed a thousand others to leave the party (READ HERE). A significant portion of the fund was also used to bribe some British citizens who helped sabotage 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund.

Now, we’re talking about people belonging to the United Kingdom (UK), the very UK whose rule over Malaya Mahathir claimed he once opposed. According to the former premier, he and his friends would use their own money to oppose British rule “without expecting anything in return.” On that note, I actually believe him.

The fact is, Mahathir did once use UMNO as a platform to oppose the British on grounds that their jurisdiction over the Malay states was unlawful. He went so far as to cross swords with the then Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera Al-Haj, on account of the latter’s willingness to allow British and Commonwealth forces to remain in Malaya post-independence.

But all that was back in 1954.

More than that, the former premier now consorts with the very same British he once opposed, helping them contrive multiple schemes to destroy Najib and destabilize UMNO. Now, isn’t that hypocrisy of the highest order? I mean, you spent your entire youth telling the Brits to go to hell, and now, spend your last days assisting them cripple the federal administration. Where is the pride in that?

Seriously, where was Mahathir’s pride when he scrounged some RM2 billion off his cronies to bankroll a spite filled campaign against Najib and UMNO? Tell me, how can one man talk of ‘saving Malaysia’ when he consorts with foreigners – the likes of George Soros and Tony Blair – to cripple the very nation he claims he wants to save?


Well, don’t be, because in Mahathir’s books, it’s the halal thing to do. The Mahathirist philosophy is such, that paying bribe money is permissible if it is to rid the nation of an aristocrat. Najib is an aristocrat, and Mahathir hates that. The former premier is hell bent on seeing to it that a non-aristocrat leads government before he dies.

Which is why, he will fund anyone or any news portal willing to fire venomous shots across Najib’s bows. As a matter of fact, I myself was offered bribe money – as much as RM5 million – on two separate occasions by persons claiming to be from Mahathir’s camp. A check by my team revealed that not only were these people Mahathir’s men, they belonged to a shadow movement within UMNO that Mahathir has been nurturing since 2015 (READ HERE).

Now, that does make him quite the Machiavellian, does it not? I mean, on one hand, he accuses the Malays of seeking gratification, while on the other, he funnels money into the coffers of a shadow movement tasked to trigger mutiny in UMNO’s ranks. Tell me, folks, could this fellow stoop any lower, or have we finally seen all that needs to be seen?

But it’s not as if it matters anyway.

The thing is, the former premier probably believes UMNO is haram, that by bribing people to abandon the party, he’s actually doing something that is quite halal. Going by that logic, the USD30 million that some foreigners offered Muhyiddin (READ HERE) in June 2013 is probably halal as well, considering that it was the payoff to turn the authorities against 1MDB, and ultimately, Najib.

Yes, in PPBM, everything haram miraculously turns halal. That explains why Mahathir had nothing to say about Muhyiddin’s illicit love affair with Nika Gee, the Chinese wife of a prominent lawyer. Just think about it – Muhyiddin is the president of PPBM, which probably means he is halal certified. I bet you, anything – and I mean anything – that Muhyiddin touches will turn halal, Nika Gee included.

And while we’re on the topic of halal, I’m sure the whole lot of you haram folks out there would want to hear about the millions in halal money that Mahathir forced Lim Goh Tong to hand over in suitcases on a quarter-yearly basis. Now surely that would make for a hell of a bombshell expose, would it not?

All in good time, my friends. All in good time…

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