Mahathir, 2018 and the fools gold

The Conspiring Whistleblower

You have George Soros, you have Najib Razak. Then you have this other guy who’s with Pervez Musharaff and the paper gold cartels. That’s where his money is locked in the offshore havens. That’s where Mahathir Mohamad and his loyalists and sons tuck their accumulated fortunes of USD 72.7 billion. That’s what 2018 is all about.

Malaysia is about to embark on the second most important election in the country’s history, the first being the one likely to happen in 2023. Weeks on, Najib will seek the dissolution of parliament to touch off a secret war between the keepers of paper gold and proponents of the Shanghai Gold Fix. That’s when aprox. USD2.5 billion will flow cross-continentally to pump media collectives with steroids to skew opinions against the Prime Minister.

George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire who has meddled in politics across Europe and North America for decades, is angry. The world he campaigned for is falling apart, and now he’s busy looking for leaders to indict. To him, Najib has to go. The gold cartels trading America’s secret reserves with the Rothschilds are funding the media and third party groups to burn Najib so that Mahathir can come in and tell China “the deal’s off.”

Should Najib return Barisan Nasional to power, plans to axe China’s energy contracts with Malaysia and bilateral terms of associations between major financial players on both sides will suffer a terrible blow. That’s when Soros and the cartels will pump billions to spark chaos on the streets of Kuala Lumpur through his agents based in Malaysia. Two among target financial institutions Mahathir has agreed to cross out are the Asia Development & Investment Bank Limited (ADIB) and the China Development Bank (CDB).

In 2010, Najib touched off the alarm when announcing the multibillion venture with the State Grid Corporation of China. Soros couldn’t believe his misfortune upon hearing that a deal had been struck between China and Najib. Around then, the Rothschilds were in secret negotiations with Barclays PLC to team up through a wide-ranging deal to venture into energy together with Russia and China and the Mideast. The deal was part of clandestine efforts by Soros and the Clintons to lobby key government leaders in Russia and India to call off BRICS and plans to establish the New Development Bank (NDB).

The Clintons were making strides. To ensure that Russia was not lured into China’s plan to break away from US currency-imperialism, Hillary Clinton agreed to supply uranium to Russia with the help of the cartels from the backstairs of the White House. Obama was in on the deal. Just before Najib announced the SGCC venture, Obama quietly okayed the pumping of USD100 billion into a China-US-Russia Development Bank initiative to finance energy exploration in the Mideast. The minute Najib announced the SGCC venture, Russia called off negotiations.

Along with the negotiations went plans to stall the Shanghai Gold Fix, the new benchmark price for the gold bullion that China wants expanded by 2030. The Clintons knew that China, India and Russia had the means to cripple the US dollar should the three nations latch their currencies to their collective physical reserves. They knew that a BRICS-ASEAN collaboration would spell doom for the US.

The potential for self-sustaining trade leading to a New Financial Order is so appealing, Russia would never miss the opportunity to cripple the US and emerge a global economic superpower together with China. Soros figured that China would eventually lure Southeast Asian economies to trade with BRICS nations using the gold-pegged Yuen by 2030. When China locked Malaysia into its long-range mission, the Hungarian-billionaire contacted Mahathir and vouched to help the former Prime Minister to become the next Prime Minister.


To guarantee Mahathir’s commitment, the cartels ‘snuck’ USD40 billion of his paper-gold ‘investments’ into Soros linked accounts worldwide and are refusing to release them until Najib is brought down. If the Prime Minister wins this election, Mahathir loses 20% of the 40 billion and must have Najib out by 2023. If Najib lasts beyond 2023, the deal is off.



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