Open letter to Najib: Beware of Soros’ eleventh hour manoeuvre

Dear Dato’ Seri,

The Third Force has received credible intel from the United States (US) suggesting that George Soros has upped the ante in the global media war against the Government of Malaysia (GoM).

In what appears to be a tactical and intelligence-driven offensive against Barisan Nasional (BN), the billionaire-magnate has directed the Western media collective – particularly, the Washington Post and The Guardian – to feature BN in positive light before bombing the internet at the eleventh hour with anti-UMNO coverage.

The whole purpose of the exercise is to trap Malaysian bloggers into featuring the Western media. Once our readers are hooked onto it, the billionaire will open the floodgates to unleash a torrent of fake and damaging articles designed to trick fence sitters into voting PKR.

It is for this reason that I hope the GoM refrains from featuring channels that have traditionally been abrasive towards the administration. The lead up to GE14 should be focused on original content from Malaysia and not the ramblings of political ‘assasins’ from abroad. It is only with such caution that the GoM will succeed in returning voters towards the path of truth and rid the country of Mahathirism for good.


Raggie Jessy