Parallels between Anwar-Shafee case and Clare-Hadi London trial

TTF: There seem to be quaint parallels between what Anwar Ibrahim attempted to do with Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and what Clare Rewcastle Brown attempted to do with Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. In the case of the former, Anwar accused Shafee of receiving a RM9.5 million bribe to keep him under lock and key. In the case of the latter, Clare accused Hadi of receiving a bribe almost ten times that amount just to keep Najib in power.

A mere coincidence or a signature attribute of Anwar politics?

The Malaysian Observer

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was probably hoping for a bit of magic from the court.  The magic that he hoped for was that his conviction would be overturned.

Unfortunately for Anwar, the High Court struck out the lawsuit over allegations that Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah was paid RM9.5 million to be public prosecutor to make sure Anwar stayed locked up.

What the lawsuit amounted to was Anwar saying that in the high stacks card game; the deck of cards was stated against him; and as a result he should be released.

It is strange how Anwar and his lawyers want to make money being or not being paid the focal point for his release.  Just about any other man who was convicted of the crime of sodomy would have the main focus of their appeals etc be on the fact that they did not have unnatural relations with someone of the same gender.

But that does not seem to be that case with Anwar Ibrahim and his lawyers. Their whole release strategy seems to be in finding a legal loophole that will allow Anwar to by-pass the crime of raping a man which he has been imprisoned for.


If he can find some legal snafu he will say that the courts found him innocent of the crime of sodomy not that his lawyers found something in the law that he could use to as a get out of jail free card.

But not finding anything legally to date that will open the prison doors for him means that Anwar has stay locked up with the exception of his visits to the hospital.

It makes one ponder on why Anwar elected to not take the stand in his own defence during his trial?

One possible explanation is that during a mock trial cross examination session, Anwar’s lawyers realized that if Anwar took that stand, there would be no doubt about his guilt.

Another possible reason is that could be evidence against him that is being held for a rainy day.  Who knows; Tun Mahathir may even have some of that rainy day evidence.

All that does not seem to matter as Anwar failed in his bid to be released as the High Court struck out the lawsuit that Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdulla was paid RM9.5 million to make sure Anwar finished out his sentence behind bars; a sentence that the court has given him because his semen magically found its way into the backdoor of his political aid.

Therefore it stands to reason that when Anwar woke up this morning, he hoped a bit of magic would help release him from prison in the same way that first magic trick (using his wand) landed him there!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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