Syed Saddiq knew the US-DoJ attack was coming

Because Syed Saddiq revealed to his three Exco Members regarding the meeting he had with Mahathir and Daim, and revealed that they knew about the US-DoJ 15th June 2017 announcement long before it happened, and that they spent RM50 million on this exercise, US$5 million which went to the Clinton Foundation, the whole conspiracy has been blown wide open and many heads are going to roll.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

This was what Malaysiakini a.k.a. Suara Anwar Ibrahim reported 20 months ago on 4th November 2015:

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman went from hero (after criticising Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak) to zero (for taking a swipe at DAP and its lawmaker Tony Pua) as far as netizens were concerned.

Following the negative comments, Syed Saddiq, known as Asia’s top debater, said he learned a new lesson – he is a fusion of ‘BN macai (lackey)’ and ‘opposition macai’. “When I critique the government of the day, I am an ‘opposition macai’. When I critique the opposition of the day, I am a ‘BN macai’,” he said in a Facebook posting.

However, Syed Sadiq stressed that he is not a ‘macai’ for any political party. “If any, I am a ‘Malaysian macai’. No one can buy my soul,” he added. He also pointed out that no political party is perfect nor should any one of them be free of public scrutiny.

That was 20 months ago back in November 2015, just a month before Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was supposed to have ousted Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak during the Umno annual assembly in December. That did not happen, of course, and since then Mahathir has created his own party, PPBM a.k.a. Pribumi, and Syed Saddiq has joined Mahathir as the party’s chief spokesman.


And today Syed Saddiq no longer tolerates free speech and criticism. He has hammered all those who criticise the party and has asked these ‘traitors’ to resign. And he is very much within the inner circle behind the United States Department of Justice (US-DoJ) 15th June 2017 announcement.

Whether Syed Saddiq was noble and honourable when he started out two years ago and has since changed, or whether it was just a show all along and he really was slimy then as he is today, we may find out one day. But what we do know is that Syed Saddiq was in a meeting with Mahathir and Tun Daim Zainuddin planning the US-DoJ 15th June 2017 announcement.

After that meeting with Mahathir and Daim, Syed Saddiq summoned three members of his Youth Exco, ARMADA, to brief them about what was going to happen and Malaysia Today, of course, knows the names and identities of those three.




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