The Mahathirs, a family of crooks

TTF: Let’s talk kleptocracy.

Today, let it be known that the money Dr Mahathir Mohamad got his cronies from BMF to siphon through offshore entities snowballed to a great many million and is now parked all over the globe, Taiwan and Hong Kong included. Some of that money was used by George Tan’s nephew, Danny Lee, to fund various activities by the DAP in the guise of funds arranged by Malaysiakini’s already-known funders.

There is that money, and the loot from BBMB, Bank Negara, and not to mention, the truckloads of bribe money running into the millions that the former premier obtained from the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong almost on a quarter yearly basis. Most of that money was spirited to discrete locations all around the globe and is currently being managed by one of Mahathir’s most trusted confidantes.

And we’re not even talking about the restructuring of financial institutions in the nineties that led to the biggest coup in banking history. Through a series of corporate acrobatics involving Pantai Holdings Berhad, Mahathir helped his son, Mokhzani Mahathir, own a huge banking concern by breaking several banking laws before getting the latter to enter a ridiculously skewed share-swap deal that earned both father and son millions.

Then there’s the millions involving Marina Mahathir and Siti Hasmah’s family members that nobody has questioned to date. It’s a family of crooks, to begin with. And these are the people crying kleptocracy each time they’re on a stage with Lim Kit Siang, whose own flesh and blood, Lim Guan Eng, turned out to be the biggest kleptocrat of them all, the worst in Malaysian history.

Yes, the truth needs to come out. And it will.


GURUN: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) members in Bedong within the Jerai Parliamentary constituency have expressed their disappointment over the party’s leadership, whom they claim have failed to adequately explain main issues affecting the party.

The two issues, said its Youth chief Muhamad Nurudin Naina Mohd, were the alleged extraordinary wealth of PPBM chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as well as an extramarital scandal involving its president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.


Nurudin said PPBM can be deemed a hypocritical party as while it wants to be seen as a positive organisation, there are still issues that it refuses to face.

He said the uncertainty over the issues have made it awkward for its members when asked about the issues by its grassroots.

“What’s more frustrating is that the issue was not even acknowledged by the two leaders at the party’s recent general assembly, even though it had been raised by certain quarters for a long time.

“We’ll be working with the grassroots in the 14th General Election.. what will we answer when asked by the voters?” he said told a press conference.

The media event, titled ‘PPBM, Jangan Pecat Kami’ (PPBM, Don’t Sack Us), was attended by 11 Youth leaders representing 50 members.

Nurudin stressed that they were not out to sabotage PPBM, but were left with no other avenues to seek an explanation.

“We hope that we won’t be sacked for asking these questions, although (PPBM information chief) Datuk Kamaruddin Md Noor had last week cautioned members against speaking to the media.

“But if our voices aren’t heard, then who else can we speak to?”

He said the PPBM leadership should initiate legal action against those who accuse them of various scandals, if it is proven that the claims are untrue. However, if the claims are true, Muhyiddin should apologise to prove the party’s sincerity towards its members.

Source: NST Online



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