The Puteri Alyanna and the piracy in Mahathir’s invasion

“Shall I tell the whole world how you conspired with a former Minister to conceal the identity of Jalil Ibrahim’s murderer? Was it not that Minister who instructed someone in Hong Kong to finish off the late BMF auditor? Is it not true, that a shitload of money was paid to some gangsters in Hong Kong just to clean up some shit the now defunct Carrian Group left behind?”


Today, we’re going to discuss invasion of privacy.

Now, every human being – tall, short, fat, thin, pretty – seeks some form of privacy at some point or other his (or her) life. For instance, if you were taking a dump, it is hardly likely that you’d perform the deed in proximity of camera lenses zeroed in on you. Likewise, if Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim were to bugger a young lad in Sungai Buloh, it is unlikely that he’d choose to perform the ‘deed’ in his prison cell, or somewhere the act will be in full view of prison wardens.

So you see, we all have our private moments, times we want to be left alone. But privacy does not always concern special or sensitive moments. It also has very much to do with things that are tangible, stuff we do not want others to discover. Politicians who demand a lot of privacy usually have truckloads of that stuff tucked in some crib somewhere in the world.

For instance, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah is currently the beneficial owner of a property unit in the United States (US) worth some USD5 million. Of course, the former second Minister of Finance does not want you to know that, or the fact that the property was negotiated through a quid pro quo worth some USD15-20 million, terms of which required him to keep details surrounding Khadem al-Qubaisi’s plan to defraud 1MDB from being discovered by Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak.


Oh, darn it. Did I just invade Husni’s privacy?

Well, now that I mention it, I did. The fact that Husni does not want you to discover his ill-gotten wealth denotes a matter of privacy. By making it public, I put a spoke in his wheel by foiling his attempt to conceal a crime. But had I not done what I did, I would have been burdened by guilt, knowing that I was willfully assisting a criminal get away with murder.

Which brings me to my point – sometimes, it is not wrong to invade another’s privacy, particularly if it pertains a crime committed by an individual, a group of individuals or an entity against the broader interest of national security. However, there remain limitations as to what construes a justifiable act in your pursuit of truth and justice. For instance, you may not go around hacking bank accounts just to satisfy your curiosity or to prove someone’s guilt.

If you do, you yourself would have committed a crime, considering that the act of hacking a bank account can and will be construed by the bank in question an attempt to defraud it. However, if someone happens to leave his (or her) documents on, say, a park bench, making those documents public does not constitute a violation of his (or her) privacy, particularly if those documents are able to prove his (or her) guilt.

Yes, violation of privacy requires a reasonable expectation of privacy, which only applies when one has taken all necessary measures to ensure that he (or she) is left alone. If you do not want your ill-gotten wealth to be discovered, you do not leave your personal banking documents lying on a park bench. Likewise, if you do not want the world to know you inherited wealth your father looted from Bumiputera Malaysia Finance (BMF) or Bank Negara (BNM), you do not park a private boat named Puteri Alyanna (READ HERE) in a sea anywhere near Malaysia like Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir did.

If that’s the case, the disgraced former Kedah Menteri Besar should have parked his daughter’s boat on the moon, or perhaps even the planet Mars. Alternatively, he could have built a pond right in one of his Beverly Hills styled mansions and parked the boat there. That way, it wouldn’t have been in a public area, and we could rest assured that the son of Dr Mahathir Mohamad took all necessary measures to ensure he was left alone.

Speaking of Mahathir, the former premier should himself have taken all necessary measures to ensure that his agents from Third Party Groups (see chart below) refrained from making known his intrigues, particularly those concerning his intent to ‘invade’ Putrajaya. But now that one of his agents is on my side, I know how deep is his associations with Dato’ Ambiga Sreneevasan and how they plan to trigger unrest during the 14th general election (GE14).

For instance, not many know that GE14 is meant to be the culmination of a series of rallies Ambiga has in the pipeline. Together with George Soros, the former Bersih co-chairperson is hoping that the rallies will spur the Chinese and Malays to battle it out on the streets and rip each other’s throats apart (READ HERE). Mahathir has condoned the plan, seeing that the pirate styled crusade could inch him towards Najib’s seat in Putrajaya.

Wait, did I just violate Mahathir’s privacy?

Not if you consider that Mukhriz – the guy whose daughter’s luxury boat was spotted somewhere on planet Earth – himself told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that his father schemed with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to topple Najib. Not also if you consider, that Mahathir himself undertook with a group of people to rip some names off a computer database before forging hundreds of thousands of signatures and compiling them as evidence to be presented to the King (which never happened, by the way).

And let’s not forget the Anti Kleptocracy Rally that Ambiga helped the former premier organise, an event that goes a long way to show just how inclined the two are to pirate themed crusades and jungle politics. Tell me, are these acts not against the broader interest of national security, and am I not doing a service to the country by making Mahathir’s and Ambiga’s intrigues public?

These are not claims I’m plucking out of thin air, you know. These are actual events that took place in the past year, events that prove beyond any measure of doubt that the former premier is attempting to commit thievery against a democratically instituted Prime Minister. But that having being said, there is some stuff – damning, as it seems – that Mahathir has safely tucked in his crib somewhere in the world. And mind you, we’re talking stuff the former premier might even kill just to make sure never leaks into public domain.

So how is it going to be, Dr M?

Shall I tell the whole world how you conspired with a former Minister to conceal the identity of Jalil Ibrahim’s murderer? Was it not that Minister who instructed someone in Hong Kong to finish off the late BMF auditor? Is it not true, that a shitload of money was paid to some gangsters in Hong Kong just to clean up some shit the now defunct Carrian Group left behind?

To be continued…


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