The reason George Soros wants Najib gone

“The Chinese will offer energy deals as bailouts to rescue regional companies and governments hit by Soros’ devious schemes and agendas. By the time China is through, the Mideast, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, the Philippines and India will be freed from the shackles of Western Currency Imperialism and at liberty to decide if or not to peg their currencies to the Shanghai Gold Standard”


The west calls him the “billionaire philanthropist who’s out to build vibrant and progressive societies.” The gold cartels are referring to his team of Swiss, Emirati and Italian financiers as “the phantom that lurks beneath the Wall Street.” To others, he’s just plain old George Soros, a Hungarian-American billionaire magnate, political activist and writer who owns the world’s most successful grant making network, the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

But is that all there is to him?


Soros is a delusional man who sees himself as a messianic figure. He genuinely aspires to “free mankind from the ‘handicaps’ of democracy” by introducing the concept of an open yet controlled society. He sees himself as a liberator of that society, such that when the New World Order dawns, humans would worship him as “the man who rid the planet of the Democratic Prison Matrix that currently has humans imprisoned through the delusion of choice.”

Soros plans to grant that authority by gaining indirect control of the said institutions. Should he succeed, he will use these institutions to impose a remote form of jurisdiction over Southeast Asian governments. One of the governments that tops his list is the Government of Indonesia (GoI) under current president Joko Widodo. To offset his failure in destroying the Najib regime, he plans to bring Widodo to heel before dictating some terms to the GoI.

One of the terms would require the GOI to oppose any form of negotiations between China and Malaysia in areas of maritime security and surveillance within the Straits of Malacca.


Are you kidding us?


Soros is aware that China plans to break away from western currency imperialism. He knows that People’s Republic is bent on working together with Russia and India to peg the Yuen against their collective gold reserves. The billionaire is determined to prevent that from happening by souring China’s relations with its partners in BRICS.

Just so that you know, BRICS is the acronym for an alliance involving Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. China concerned itself with the alliance owing to the massive gold reserves some of its member nations possessed. Soros tried to sabotage the alliance by getting the Clintons to turn Russia against China.

But the plan hit a snag, thanks to Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and the current president of the United States (US), Donald J Trump.

How so?

Well, like I said, Soros is looking for ways to bring the Southeast Asian economy under his heel. For that to happen, he needs the US to establish puppet governments in Malaysia and Indonesia, governments that are willing to call off all existing energy agreements with China. The Clintons were on board with him all the way and even entered secret negotiations with Vladimir Putin to turn the Russian president against BRICS.

Yes, everything was going well until Najib entered a multibillion dollar agreement with the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC). The minute that happened, Putin called off negotiations with the Clintons and began backing a Trump presidency. He knew that Trump was more concerned with invigorating the US economy than he was with Sino-Malaysian accords. The Russian president was sure that the Chinese government would work its way through the Najib administration to establish a partnership with the Mideast by 2025.

Soros can’t afford that to happen. And neither can the Clintons, who have their own ‘little’ energy pacts with Tony Blair and the Mideast to worry about. It is for these reasons, above all, that Soros wants Najib gone by 2018 – or latest, by 2023. The whole lot of them – Soros, Blair and the Clintons – are determined to prevent Malaysia from ever becoming China’s energy gateway to the Mideast.

Malaysia? China’s energy gateway?


China plans to touch off the biggest oil-and-gas deal in human history by 2025. The plan involves the use of deep-water technology that the Chinese have developed and perfected for drilling in the South China Sea. To eat into Malaysia’s oil and gas reserves and to secure its own trade gateways – the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca – the Chinese will enter huge energy and maritime surveillance partnerships with Najib to trigger the republic’s proliferation in the oil-and-gas industry.

Once that happens, the Chinese government plans to seal a trillion-dollar agreement in energy exploration and supply with Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines and India by getting all parties to commit to a gold-pegged Yuen. Prospects of there being such an agreement is one reason why Soros could not tolerate Malaysia’s partnership with SGCC back in 2010. He could not fathom the idea of China’s closest Muslim neighbour working with the republic using the one currency he isn’t currently in control of.



While Soros is working hard to prevent any form of Chinese imperialism, the Chinese government is using energy as currency to establish itself as the world’s number one economic superpower. Soros does not own energy nor is he in control of the resource anywhere in the world. The Chinese are well aware of this and are going to give Malaysia whatever she needs to establish the People’s Republic as a new God in the World Financial Order.

Physical gold will debut as China’s currency standard. The Chinese will offer energy deals as bailouts to regional companies and governments hit by Soros’ devious schemes and agendas. By the time the Chinese are through, the Mideast, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, the Philippines and India will be freed from the shackles of Western Currency Imperialism and at liberty to decide if or not to peg their currencies against the Shanghai Gold Standard.

Rest assured, World War III – if it happens – will be all about the survival of western currency imperialism as opposed to the dawn of a New World Financial Order.

Are you making this up, Raggie?

What, do you think I have that high an IQ to figure this out?

In 1993, Soros himself wrote, “I admit that I have always harboured an exaggerated view of my self-importance – to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of God or an economic reformer like Keynes, or even better, a scientist like Einstein.” Then, not long after, he told a reporter that “…when I made my way into the world, I wanted to indulge myself in my fantasies to the extent I could afford.”

But China has come in his way. And so have I. The big fat guys at Bukit Aman were having a long and comfortable slumber while I traded my soul with the ‘devils’ to get you this stuff. In the name of Allah, I am working with a group spread across three continents to make damned sure that Soros does not come in China’s way or succeed in sabotaging the Najib administration. I do what I do because I believe that Najib must remain the Prime Minister beyond 2023 just to prevent Soros’ from ripping our country apart.

And I will die defending Najib to prevent that from ever happening.

To be continued…


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