The Soros–Clare Brown–DoJ nexus: how it all began (part 1)


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Sometime in mid-January 1997, former United States (US) vice-president Albert Arnold Al Gore met George Soros to discuss the Clinton administration and its plans to ‘reconfigure’ the Southeast Asian ‘economic and command base’. Soros, the ever so notorious Hungarian-American billionaire-anarchist, insisted that should regime changes be effected in the region, it would have to benefit the global financial elites and not just the Clinton administration alone.

Gore ultimately conceded to a plan of action that had the potential of bringing both Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and the then president of Indonesia, Suharto, to heel. Gore realised that the Clinton administration, which he was a part of, had bypassed the financial elites in shaping the Southeast Asian agenda. It irked him that the then US President, Bill Clinton, had side-lined him in discussions leading to the establishment of the William J. Clinton Foundation, which the latter went on to found together with his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Soros was just as irritated by these developments as Gore was. Despite agreeing to help Clinton kick-start the Clinton Foundation, the billionaire anarchist saw the US President going about things his own way. It struck him that the Clinton Foundation had the potential to eclipse the global elites, what with a US Senator (Hillary) and former US President running the show. Soros thought it imperative for his team of elites to unite under a shadow syndicate just to ward off potential threats arising from the Clinton agenda.

While that may have been the impetus to the eventual establishment of a shadow syndicate, it wasn’t the main reason. In Indonesia, things were not moving quite as Soros had hoped they would. On the 27th of July 1996, Suharto instructed his commander-in-chief to wage an offensive against militant groups whose activities Gore was put in charge of coordinating. Gore told Soros in August that Suharto had leads on a “Jewish funded operative” to trigger a regime change in Indonesia.

Months later, an anti-Mahathirism movement in Malaysia hit a snag when Mahathir was alerted by Daim Zainuddin of a conspiracy that existed between individuals who were linked to Anwar and former US ambassador to Malaysia, John R. Malott, to trigger a regime change in Malaysia. Gore put it to Soros that efforts by his team to infuse reformist attitudes within the region seemed to stumble at every block. He told Soros that Mahathir’s and Suharto’s fortresses were heavily guarded.

Hearing this, Soros immediately decided to fast track the establishment of the shadow syndicate. The month was December and the year, 1996 – Soros had just concluded a meeting with Gore and Tony Blair to discuss the shadow syndicate. The meeting came on the heels of a visit by Blair to the Oval Office on the 4th of December 1996. Blair is said to have told his aides that he and Clinton were “political soul mates.”

“He was the most formidable politician I had ever encountered … as a political class act, I deferred to the master. He had it all.”


Blair was in the US to seek Clinton’s patronage in his electoral campaign against the ruling British Conservatives. Blair was accompanied by a former British journalist, Alastair John Campbell, who not only was his staunch ally, but his secret advisor and someone the former British premier referred to in times of crisis. Rumour has it that it was Campbell who advised Blair to seek Soros’ patronage in a bid to wrest control of the UK government.

A month later, the newly established shadow syndicate outlined a scheme to break the central banks of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Soros told the syndicate that members of his Quantum Fund, which he established in 1973 together with Jim Rogers, had successfully created an economic bubble within the region which his team would severely inflate and puncture at the right moment. On the sidelines, Soros cautioned Gore against any surprise move by the Clinton administration that was without the backing of the global elites.

One version has it that the billionaire magnate needed Blair’s Labour front to first sweep the British election, which the latter knew had to be called before the 22nd of May 1997. Soros told Gore that Blair was pivotal to the scheme of things and that any course of action would have to wait until after the British election.

The British general election came and went. Blair, then the leader of opposition, was appointed Prime Minister on the 2nd May 1997, just twelve days before the Quantum Fund placed a speculative bet in what may have been the most precipitous attack ever against a currency – the Thai currency. There certainly was something about Blair we’re not being told of.

Interestingly, Blair was known to share a rapport of sorts with Gordon Brown, who succeeded the former as Prime Minister on the 27th of June 2007. Gordon’s ascend fuelled speculation that the two had conspired on a succession plan of sorts following the unexpected death of Labour leader John Smith on the 12th of May 1994 – two years after Soros almost bankrupted the UK.

An excerpt from Wikipedia states the following:

The Blair–Brown deal (or Granita Pact) was an alleged gentlemen’s agreement struck between the British Labour Party politicians Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in May 1994, while they were Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer respectively.

But unbeknown to many, Blair had all along been prying into Gordon’s affairs, despite it being Soros’ wish that Gordon succeed him (Blair) as premier at “an appropriate time.” It is said that Blair assigned Campbell to do the digging and to syndicate negative publicity against Gordon for reasons that are not known to me. Campbell is also said to be heavily opposed to Andrew Brown, another of Soros’ allies and Gordon’s brother.

To be continued…


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