Trump, Najib and ‘the mark of Soros’

TTF: President Trump today praised Najib for the way he coordinated the ASEAN-US dialogue relations (see news item below). That is hardly surprising. Not many know, that not only does Trump admire Najib, he is of the opinion that the Malaysian premier shares a predicament he currently faces in the US.

And that is, the mark of Soros.

Ever since Trump announced his candidacy for president, the broader Clinton universe wasn’t the least bit pleased, knowing that the billionaire real property developer was receptive to the Shanghai fix. Prospects of the Soros business empire collapsing caused the billionaire-anarchist to strike a deal with the Clinton base and rally media organisations against the Trump campaign.

That brought about a two year long spite-filled campaign that has since been extended indefinitely to paint Trump as a dictator. George Soros is fuelling street demonstrations and funding groups to trigger acts of utter barbarism just to imply that “Democracy (under Trump) is in crisis.” And that’s the same message he’s sending Malaysians with the help of Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan.

The billionaire-anarchist is dead against Malaysia venturing into energy exploration and development with China for a multitude of reasons. TTF will highlight these reasons again in a series that is currently ongoing. Suffice to say, both Soros and the Clinton universe want Najib out for reasons that are quite similar to reasons they want Trump out. And these reasons have something to do with China.

As a result, Trump and Najib are currently faced with the same adversities – albeit of different scales – and are being assaulted by the same media edifice – the Trump edifice. The US president and Najib are really the same person with different hairdos – one is tough talking, while the other is soft spoken.

But both are getting the job done.

Najib and Trump are getting the world to see that the truth always prevails, that whenever a leader has the concerns of his people at heart, he will trump the competition and emerge a people’s champion. Trump sees that Najib has the guts to deal with predicaments in his own unique ways.

And that is precisely why he likes our PM.


MANILA: US President Donald Trump today praised Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for what he said was an excellent job in carrying out Malaysia’s role as country coordinator for ASEAN-US dialogue relations.

In his brief remark at the ASEAN-US 40th Anniversary Commemorative Summit here, Trump said Najib did well to carry out the task.

“I also want to thank Prime Minister Najib for the excellent job you have done as coordinator. I appreciate it very much, I really appreciate it, you did coordinate very well with us,”he said.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman had told Malaysian media on Saturday that Najib, as country coordinator for dialogue relations for the period 2015-2018, would present a report on the significant progress made throughout the past 40 years and the future direction.

Both sides are also expected to discuss regional and international issues of common concern such as the South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, Counter Terrorism and Violent Extremism and Cyber Digital Economy at the Summit.

During the Asean Summit in 2015, the regional leaders and President Barack Obama, who attended the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, adopted the Plan of Action to implement five priority areas of cooperation — economic integration, maritime cooperation, transnational challenges including climate change, emerging leaders and women’s opportunities.

Source: Bernama



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