When the BBC sang Clare Brown the Swan Song

“And it is this rivalry that allowed me to sight some of the evidence Ms. Rewcastle fabricated against British MPs back in the eighties. The Sarawak Report Chief Editor knows, that should she ever stick her oars in the affairs of British MPs, Blair’s associate will immediately release documentary evidence implicating her and Andrew of criminal intimidation and acts of subversion. Why else do you think she has her guns trained on Najib and not the 32 British MPs accused of sexual misconduct?”


Clare Rewcastle Brown is no stranger to Malaysians.

For the past three years or so, the Sarawak Report Chief Editor has been dishing out some of the most incredible stories we have read to date. Most of these stories are lined in conspiracy with the Prime Minister of Malaysia being the chief protagonist. If he isn’t a thief, he is a liar. If he isn’t a liar, he is a skunk.

Whichever way the wheel is spun, the spoke always seems to face Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. The Rewcastle philosophy has it that the Prime Minister needs to be brought down during the 14th general election (GE14) should we ever hope to see a better Malaysia. If we give him another term, democracy would forever fade beneath the shadow of his guile and might of his dictatorship.

Yes, so awe inspired are Malaysians with her twaddle, everyone forgets to ask the billion-dollar question – just what is it that drives this lady? Why would an independent British journalist unattached to major news corporations be that determined to destroy Najib? Would she not rather punish Tory Members of Parliament (MPs) whose names were recently floated amid allegations of sexual abuse in Westminster?

The alleged misdemeanors by the “three dirty dozen” first appeared in a dossier compiled by members of the Conservative Party, a party both Ms. Rewcastle and her husband, Andrew Brown, are dead against. The Tories and Labour are running multiple investigations into MPs and frontbenchers following claims of sexual misconduct that has seen one cabinet minister ejected. So where is Ms. Rewcastle in all this?

Why is she not holding a chunk of the British House of Commons accountable for criminal perversity? In a Case Management hearing called on 2nd of August 2017, a London court ruled against her defense by rejecting claims that Prime Minister of Malaysia was criminally perverse. So why does she still insist on scandalizing this one man when she has a whole zoo of British MPs to tear apart on home ground?


Well, the answer is simple – she can’t.

If she were to so much as comment on the Westminster Sexual Scandal, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) would immediately release a document proving that she conspired with her husband to manipulate the 1992 British election. Then an investigative journalist, Ms. Rewcastle undertook to fabricate evidence against Labour MPs who she felt would prevent Gordon Brown from advancing his career towards premiership.

It all began in 1983, when a young and ambitious Clare Rewcastle Brown took on a secretarial job with the BBC. Around then, she got acquainted with a private eye named Joseph Drake who began feeding her information that was damaging to the reputation of British politicians. Whenever her boss needed a scoop, she would be the first to turn up at his office with “smoking gun” evidence that seemed absolutely incriminating against some MP or other.

Late in 1986, the then director general of the BBC, Alasdair David Gordon Milne, began taking notice of her and assigned a private eye to follow her around. A month later, news of her associations with Drake and an intelligence whistleblower named Arthur Wilkinson was made known to Alastair. In January 1987, just as the director general was about to strike on Ms. Rewcastle, he was forced out of the BBC by the then Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher.

Now, the person who triggered Thatcher’s discovery into Alastair’s affairs was none other than Andrew Brown. Then a script writer with the BBC, he sought the assistance of his brother, Gordon Brown, to feed Thatcher’s private secretary with documentary evidence Ms. Rewcastle obtained from Wilkinson. Just so that you know, Gordon was then a Member of Parliament representing the Labour Party in Dunfermline East.

Among the documents Gordon handed over were money trails linking Alastair to Thatcher’s predecessor, Leonard James Callaghan. As the story goes, Callaghan was feeding the BBC with information that was damaging against Thatcher’s government. The former Labour premier undertook in a quid pro quo with John Major to subvert the then upcoming British elections to ruin Thatcher’s chance of being re-elected. When Thatcher was told of this, she made it her priority to see to it that Alastair was removed by hook or by crook.

With Alastair gone, Thatcher made very sure that Andrew was rewarded for his efforts. Later that year, she tasked the new BBC director general, Sir Michael Checkland, to promote Andrew and work closely with him to “keep the conservative theme wafting above the news desks.” Now, despite being a staunch advocate of Labour policies, Andrew didn’t seem to have much of a problem with that.

As a matter of fact, neither did Gordon, who told his brother to get better acquainted with Ms. Rewcastle and squeeze every ounce of dirt he could on Neil Kinnock, the then leader of the Labour party. The plan was to throw Kinnock under the bus to pave the way for John Smith to succeed him. Under the circumstances that the coup succeeded, Smith promised Gordon the role of Shadow Chancellor of Exchequer in a Shadow Cabinet he planned to establish.

However, things didn’t work out quite as Gordon had planned. Both Ms. Rewcastle’s deep throats – Drake and Wilkinson – refused to play any role in the coup and told her that the establishment they were tied to – which I am now in touch with – strictly needed Kinnock to keep the top job. Seeing no alternative, Ms. Rewcastle decided to make known to Andrew – who was then in the midst of courting her – what she had been doing all this while.

According to her, much of the documentary evidence she presented Alastair with was heavily exaggerated, and in some cases, fabricated. She added that Drake and Wilkinson afforded her the luxury of cross-checking information that was damning against any individual, though, when a piece of the puzzle did not fit, she would tweak documents or outright fabricate them just to keep her stories from being interrupted. Now, if you’re thinking that Andrew was pissed with what he heard, you’re dead wrong.

He was delighted.

As a matter of fact, he charted a mission to rig the 1992 British election in Gordon’s favour. One thing led to another before Checkland (the then BBC director general) eventually discovered that Ms. Rewcastle’s stories were creating ripples in the Labour front and dissatisfaction among Tony Blair’s men. In January 1992, a group of 10 Labour MPs invited Checkland to a closed-door session that was attended also by one of Blair’s associates.

During the meeting, the MPs presented Checkland with cut-and-dry proof of Ms. Rewcastle’s involvement with a group of syndicated criminals based in the Falklands. According to them, the group was using her to undermine the BBC by turning it into a platform to advance Gordon’s career. Checkland was given a choice – either he gave Ms. Rewcastle the boot, or they would make public the BBC’s decade long involvement in acts of subversion to undermine British democracy.

The very next day, Checkland summoned Ms. Rewcastle into his office and got her to sign a declaration stating that she had wilfully exaggerated the contents of some editorials. That document is currently in the possession of Blair’s associate, who has agreed to hand over a copy to The Third Force should the need ever arise. Suffice to say, once Ms. Rewcastle penned her signature, Checkland showed her to the door and warned her against having anything to do with the BBC or any of its board members.

Gordon’s decision to work with Blair caused many British MPs to conditionally withdraw their petitions against Ms. Rewcastle. To ensure that Gordon would stay in line with his mission, Blair handed a copy of the declaration Ms. Rewcastle signed and evidence that incriminated her to his associate for ‘safekeeping’. Back then, the said associate was a staunch Blair proponent and someone Blair referred to as his “brother in arms.”

But last August, they turned bitter rivals.

And it is this rivalry that allowed me to sight some of the evidence Ms. Rewcastle fabricated against British MPs back in the eighties. The Sarawak Report Chief Editor knows, that should she ever stick her oars in the affairs of British MPs, Blair’s associate will immediately release documentary evidence implicating her and Andrew of criminal intimidation and acts of subversion. Why do you think she has her guns trained on Najib and not the 36 British MPs accused of sexual misconduct?

Now how’s that for a story?



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