17 reasons why Lim Guan Eng appears to support LTTE

“Guan Eng is free to lodge a police report against me for producing this analysis and can even initiate legal action against me if he feels I stepped out of line. Rest assured, this article was written without prejudice and with the best interest of Malaysians at heart”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng said today that the public will question recent police action against those detained for suspected links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), citing the fact that the group is defunct and not mentioned in a recent US government report on terrorism.

There is some truth to this – the LTTE is indeed thought to be a defunct organisation and is rarely mentioned in any report on terrorism anywhere in the world simply because the original version of it has ceased to exist.

However, the following also holds true:

1. The Government of Malaysia (GoM) (which Guan Eng himself represents), via the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), never alleged that the LTTE exists.

2. On the contrary, the GoM, via PDRM, initiated action against several individuals – including four DAP office bearers and a PKR member – on suspicion of being involved in covert operations to revive the LTTE in Malaysia, perhaps also in Sri Lanka and (or) other parts of the world.

3. PDRM’s actions against these individuals were hinged on evidence procured through investigations that proved the involvement of these individuals in suspicious activity that includes, among others, the promotion and possible indoctrination of the LTTE ideology.

4. PDRM also seized LTTE related paraphilia from these individuals and traced monetary transactions in large sums, said to be catered for a revival of the terror organisation.

5. More than 30 nations worldwide, the US included, red flagged the LTTE as a “dangerous terror organisation” and have yet to rescind on and (or) revoke the flag.

6. It follows, the fact that the LTTE no longer exists is in no way equivalent and (or) tantamount to the idea or fact that the organisation was never a terrorism set up or that the US has revoked its label of the group.

7. It would be pointless for the US government to make mention of the LTTE if the organisation is thought to be defunct and therefore no longer poses a threat to the US government.


8. Recent events related to the LTTE, including the arrest of key LTTE members in Sri Lanka on 15th of October 2019, would require time for US authorities to investigate considering that these events are relatively new and occurred outside US soil.

Incidentally, the Sri Lankan arrests confirm that even the Sri Lankan government and authorities still consider the LTTE to be a threat.

9. Guan Eng and the DAP have never openly congratulated PDRM for working hard to curb terrorism related to the LTTE.

10. On the contrary, Guan Eng was way out of line when he disrespectfully told off Bukit Aman’s Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division (E8) principal assistant director, Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, in public over a statement made by the latter when the matter could easily have been resolved in private, amicably.

11. Guan Eng persists on making these outrageous claims which seem to be in the LTTE’s defence but has never once called for an “emergency PH presidential council meeting” or an “emergency cabinet meeting” to discuss the matter.

This suggests that his intent has never been to properly resolve the issue of arrests under SOSMA using formal channels available to him but to “confuse the public” by being “the opposition within government.”

It also suggests that he knows the arrests are legit and that the DAP members arrested were indeed involved in terrorist related activity.

12. This has led to a peculiar situation whereby a prominent member of the GoM is seen to be criticising the very same GoM openly in public.

13. Guan Eng also placed no regard for the conflict of interest that arose when he ordered Ramkarpal Singh and RSN Rayer to defend those arrested under SOSMA on suspicion of involvement with the LTTE (see diagram below).

14. Ramasamy himself admitted to his involvement in the LTTE Constitutional Affairs Committee based in Sri Lanka that involves peace negotiations between the Sri Lankan government and a group comprising “LTTE activists.”

15. This confirms that Ramasamy is indeed in contact with a “group of terrorists” that the Sri Lankan government appears to recognise the existent of, meaning, LTTE is as yet in existence in some form or other.

16. Neither Guan Eng nor the DAP has questioned Ramasamy’s involvement with the peace negotiations despite being aware that the matter does not involve the GoM in any capacity.

17. The fact that the LTTE is a terror organisation should have been enough for the DAP to raise a red flag as Ramasamy’s involvement in peace negotiations could be construed as interference by the DAP in peace talks involving a foreign government and a band of terrorists.

The above seems to point to the idea that both the DAP and Guan Eng support the LTTE and may even condone terrorist related activity.

Guan Eng is free to lodge a police report against me for producing this analysis and can even initiate legal action against me if he feels I stepped out of line.

Rest assured, this article was written without prejudice and with the best interest of Malaysians at heart.

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