3R warning a big joke given that it’s DAP mooted

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

It is very easy to pull out at least 100 offensive remarks uttered by DAP leaders via the social media these past two years that touch on the so-called 3R menace, namely, Race, Religion and Royalty.

From Lim Kit Siang’s rude and offensive remarks to Sultan Sharaffuddin Idris Shah during Langkah Kajang to Nga Kor Ming’s infamous slurs, one can easily pen a thesis on the DAP titled “A Zoo of Racially Biased Scoundrels in the Making.”

The fact that the Communications and Multimedia Ministry, led by a DAP leader, has yet to act on Lim Guan Eng for making countless fake claims via the social media is itself curious as a report was even lodged with the MCMC on the matter.

My team and I have taken the liberty of compiling each and every fake news clip and slur posted by DAP leaders over the span of two years in the event that a need arises to challenge any high-handedness on the part of its leaders against social media users in court.

It’s high time that the minister in charge, Gobind Singh Deo, came out in public to address the conditions for a social media comment or post to be deemed “action worthy” by authorities in the spirit of “Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT).”

The ministry’s lack of commitment in highlighting the specific dos and don’ts in relation to the “3R Menace” reeks of hypocrisy given that the DAP has itself for years accused the previous BN administration of being high handed for ‘refusing’ to specify the exact circumstances under which an action constitutes a crime under SOSMA and the now defunct ISA.

Gerakan Bangsa Nasional is ever ready to meet with the MCMC or the Communications and Multimedia Ministry on these matters and will cooperate by lodging reports with the MCMC directly at its headquarters each time a foul remark or one that is deemed racist and (or) anti-Islam is uttered by the DAP.

GBN will also not hesitate to initiate a roadshow to educate the masses on the DAP’s high-handedness if it is found that the the system is abused by the party to impose a new form of censorship to present party leaders immunity and a free pass to further belittle the Rulers, Malays and Islam Nga Kor Ming dan Kit Siang style.


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