A government will only be accountable if people hold it accountable

Jae Senn

Excellent question at the end of this article written by The Star’s Nicholas Cheng on Tuesday, the 15th of January 2019. He asks if Malaysian voters really want a New Malaysia or just the old one, as long as it’s on their side? The answer, of course, is obvious. They either want an Old Malaysia but one that’s on their side, or they’ve been fooled by PH via bait-and-switch.

Either way, it’s up to them to either continue being led like lemmings by their Pied Piper or to start taking off their blinders and start questioning, start being critical.

Whether we voted for PH or BN, we are the consumers or customers. We bought what they sold us. And like any consumer or customer, we have the right to question the chef if we find a cockroach in our soup. We have the right to question a shop for selling expired goods. We, too, have the right to question the government if we see something is wrong and call them out on their lies, regardless of who we support.

After all, hasn’t it been said time and again, that the government serves the people and not the other way round?

So, for those who are keeping silent or doing daily mental gymnastics to convince yourselves that everything’s fine. Will you just drink up the cockroach-contaminated soup just because the chef is your neighbor? Do you just quietly throw away the expired goods without asking for a refund because the shop you bought them from is more reputable or is cleaner than the shop next to it?

Voicing out doesn’t mean you’re against the government. Pointing out double-standards and hypocrisy doesn’t mean you’re a traitor or that you hate your country. Any government has to be accountable to the people, but that only works if the people are bothered to hold them accountable in the first place.

The situation today is that a majority of Pakatan supporters refuse to hold the current government accountable for anything at all and in fact would love to see the death of democracy and free speech, with many saying that the opposition should just be disbanded or de-registered and that they should just keep quiet because they have lost the general elections.

If the tide turns in GE15, we can see these infantile double-standard hypocrites take to the streets with yellow shirts again, calling for “clean and fair governance” that they never understood nor believed in.

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