A load of crap from MCA’s youth chief, Chong Sin Woon

TTF: Chong Sin Woon is the guy who repeatedly cast a shadow of doubt on the Najib administration about 1MDB right until the time it was discovered in July 2015 that a conspiracy existed to topple Najib. He is a hypocrite, as he was very vocal in media and openly criticised the government’s handling of the controversy. Where was his patriotism then?

Has he ever apologised to Najib? Has Liow Tiong Lai ever taken him to task for his actions? And what’s wrong with the idea of delving into politics or religion if it serves to highlight past events that may help instil patriotism? TTF will write on this soon enough.

KUALA LUMPUR: Films promoting patriotism must convey positive messages and should not involve politics and religious issues that can stir up controversy, says MCA Youth.

“Patriotic films should be positive and should not involve politics and religious issues,” said MCA Youth chief Datuk Chong Sin Woon (pic), referring to the film “The Malay Regiment”.

A controversial scene in the film depicts a man standing near Parliament House outside his car bearing the number plate “DAP 165”.

This is assumed to be a play on the word “DAPIGS”, a term commonly used to disparage Opposition party DAP.

The film’s creators said on Monday that they would follow the Communications and Multimedia Minister’s request to remove the controversial scene.

The movie, which opens on Aug 31, is about three children who want to learn about the sacrifices of their grandfathers who served in the Malay Regiment while fighting against the communists in 1976.

Meanwhile, Chong said he is expecting more than 500 participants to attend the Patriotic Youth Assembly, which will be held at Petaling Street on Aug 11 at 7pm.


“There will be a series of programmes held as we celebrate the 60th Merdeka Day this year,” Chong said.

Highlights of the event include a special appearance of Malaysia’s top badminton players Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Goh Liu Ying and performances by local artists Athena Beh and Yise.

Source: The Star Online



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