Activist Harris Nasril rips Sarawak Report apart

TTF: Political activist Muhamad Harris Nasril took to Facebook today to rip Sarawak Report apart.

Hours ago, Nasril uploaded on his Facebook profile some screen-captures of reports from the Clare Rewcastle Brown run portal before taking a dig at its credibility and integrity.

“Latest article from Sarawak Report (pic below) suggesting #UndiRosak is the work of Cambridge Analytica,” Nasril wrote, adding, “Few months ago, SR (Sarawak Report) claimed #UndiRosak is PMO’s work.”

“(Then, a) few years ago, SR reported 40,000 Bangladeshis landed in KLIA to steal votes using a photo full of busses which actually (was) a photo taken overseas (at the) San Francisco airport, not in Sepang.

“Conclusion: Sarawak Report is full of bullshxt. Cr*p always is cr*p.”

Yesterday, TTF highlighted a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) that had to do with Strategic Communications Laboratory (SCL), a UK concern that owns the New York based electoral think-tank, Cambridge Analytica.

According to the statement, a representative from SCL confirmed reporting directly to Dato’ Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, meaning, the UK based firm was in no way associated with Barisan Nasional or the Federal Government.


“And that’s what we call news “coming straight from the horse’s mouth.” 

“Judging by what the ‘horses’ told us, it is entirely possible that Mukhriz rigged the 2013 Kedah elections to skew the results in his favour,” TTF wrote.

On Tuesday, Mukhriz clarified that Azrin Zizal, the current head of SCL’s Southeast Asian chapter, was his media officer back when he (Mukhriz) was deputy minister of the International Trade and Industry Ministry.

“I categorically deny any contact with @CamAnalytica at any time,” Mukhriz said in a brief statement on his Twitter account @MukhrizMahathir, tagging the firm’s account.

“Azrin Zizal was my Media Officer 2009-2013 at MITI,” he added.

Ironically, neither Cambridge Analytica nor the SCL Group had ever made mention of Zizal or his associations with Mukhriz.

However, the representative that spoke to the PMO reportedly confirmed that Cambridge Analytica provided advice on the 2013 general election personally to Mukhriz and not Barisan Nasional.

The confirmation, along with the floating of Zizal’s name by Mukhriz, more or less sealed the former Kedah MB’s association’s with the UK group and rubbished Clare’s claims that Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak sought the group’s services through one of its shareholders, Lord Marland.



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