After turning billionaire with help of dad’s cronies, Mokhzani says BR1M is no big deal

Lim Sian See

Mokhzani Mahathir, who was the 2nd richest Malay in 2014 with fortune of RM4.2 billion, said there is no reason for people to be proud or happy to receive BR1M as people can only feel a sense of pride with money acquired from their own hard work.

“We can be proud and be like champions when we are rich. We can feel great with our own hard-earned money. That is what’s important. It is not about people giving us money so we can survive. That is not greatness.” said Mokhzani.

Well, Mokhzani can look down on BR1M all he wants.

Not everyone can be in the oil and gas business and do projects with Petronas while his father is the advisor to Petronas. Also, not everyone has a Prime Minister father who has crony tycoon friends who can help his sons out in business.

As far as the govt is concerned, BR1M is one tool that is being used to help those most in need as well as help reduce the big income inequality problem left behind by his father by transferring some wealth from the rich (who kena more GST) to the lower income groups.…/getting-br1m-nothing-to…/