Agong theory: Amid rumours, nobody has painted true picture

TTF: There are many rumours swirling regarding the appointment of Tengku Abdullah as the sixth Sultan of Pahang.

Some insist it has to do with a plan of succession by the Conference of Rulers to fill the vacancy left behind by Sultan Muhammad V, the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Others insist that it is a coincidence, that Tengku Abdullah’s ascend to the Pahang Throne was due to the critical state of health His Royal Highness’ father, Sultan Ahmad Shah, is in.

Nobody has thus far given an accurate depiction of what’s truly going on.

KUANTAN: ‘Please pray for my father,’ said Tengku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ahmad Shah on the health condition of his father who has fallen ill.

“(My) father’s condition? The specialists have given an explanation to the (Pahang) Royal Council (on Sultan Ahmad’s health condition) yesterday,” he told journalists when announcing the appointment of Regent of Pahang Tengku Abdullah as the sixth Sultan of Pahang at Istana Abu Bakar today.

He however refused to comment further on Sultan Ahmad Shah’s condition and wanted to focus on the upcoming ceremony.

“Father is unwell and if possible, I do not wish to discuss about it here. It is better that we focus on affairs of the proclamation.

“We hope that the people of Pahang pray for the wellbeing of Paduka Ayahanda.

“It is my hope that (he will) be with us during the proclamation ceremony (of the new Sultan of Pahang),” he said.

The proposal to appoint Tengku Abdullah, forwarded to the Pahang Royal Council, was made because Sultan Ahmad Shah is gravely ill.

Sultan Ahmad Shah, 88, is currently undergoing intensive treatment at the National Heart Institute.

“My family and I are grateful to the medical specialists who have provided excellent service and care to Paduka Ayahanda,” Tengku Abdul Rahman said.


Pahang Royal Council had during a meeting yesterday approved Part 1 Article 9A of the State Constitution to ask the ruler to abdicate due to his grave illness.

Source: NST Online

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