Amanah needs to decide Mat Sabu’s fate before GE14

Parti Amanah Negara’s (Amanah) top leadership should immediately convene to decide the on fate of its scandal ridden president, Mohamad Sabu (Mat Sabu). The meeting should be held latest by tomorrow if indeed the party is serious about upholding the principles of Islam. Its failure to do so would send a clear message to the electorate this coming GE14 that the party takes lightly the idea that its president may well be a zina offender.

The leadership’s silence on the latest controversy swirling around Mat Sabu is deafening. Irrespective if his guilt has yet to be established, it is the duty of party leaders to address the issue ahead of polls as it concerns a leader who is seeking to be elected on grounds of his commitment to moderate Islamic. One of the leadership’s immediate concerns should be the question of whether or not Mat Sabu’s idea of moderation includes the willingness to take lightly the act of Zina.

It should be noted, that the party president refused to deny that the voice in the kinky audio recordings that went viral recently was his. A true Muslim leader would never have hesitated to speak the truth, particularly if he (or she) was the victim of fitnah. Perhaps Mat Sabu knew that if he were to deny, the consequences would have been grave should more evidence have surfaced, suggesting his illicit involvement with a girl named ‘Zaza’.

There is no way the Amanah president can get off by telling his detractors to speak to his lawyers. Granted, the core tenets of civil justice dictates that one is innocent until proven guilty. But we’re also talking about the religion of Islam here. In Islam, once a community has reason to believe that you’ve committed sin, it is your duty to address that community irrespective if the matter is brought to trial or otherwise.

And day in day out, Mat Sabu is addressing the Kota Raja community.

Suffice to say, there is nothing stopping him from clearing his name if indeed he’s innocent. Unless he thinks that Muslims in Kota Raja condone acts of Zina, it’s high time he addressed the issue and stopped hiding behind the veils of civil justice. The fact that he’s keeping silent has many a Muslim believing that he’s unfit to represent their conscience given his actions that stand clearly opposed to the teachings of Islam.

KLANG: Kota Raja Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, V. Gunalan, has left it to the people to evaluate the controversies surrounding Parti Amanah Negara candidate Mohamad Sabu before selecting their future representative.

“I believe the people of Kota Raja are aware of the issue (allegations that Mohamad, or better known as Mat Sabu was having an extramarital affair) and will choose a good leader who will serve the public.


“The campaign period is about to end and I will ensure that people here vote for BN,” he said

when meeting Taman Desa Utama residents here on Sunday.

He added that Kota Raja residents are facing various issues, including poor drainage, unemployment and the influx of foreigners.

These issues, he stressed would continue to exist if PKR remains in power.

“BN wants to regain Selangor to put an end to these issues,” he said.

About 500 residents joined Gunalan and Sentosa state assembly candidate, Datuk T. Subramaniam, during the breakfast event yesterday.

Source: NST Online



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