Amanah president refrains from commenting on “saucy” clips

Mat Sabu refuses to comment regarding allegations of extramarital affair.

BAGAN SERAI: “No comment, everything ask lawyer (Tiada komen, semuanya tanya peguam),” this was the reaction from Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) President Mohamad Sabu over his legal action against three men who accused him of having an extramarital affair with a woman.

Better known as Mat Sabu, the PAN Kota Raja Parliament seat candidate refused to be drawn into the issue, when met by reporters during his campaign rounds at the Jalan Raja Hawkers Center, here, today.

On Wednesday, three men who claimed to be PAN members presented screenshots to the media, of an alleged “saucy” WhatsApp conversation between Mat Sabu, and a woman, as well as two audio clips which were of a similar nature.

These three individuals then gave Mat Sabu 36 hours to give his clarification over the issue.

On whether the issue had caused affected his campaign for the 14th General Election, Mat Sabu also refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, in his speech before some 50 PAN supporters, Mat Sabu also took to task Pas vice president Idris Ahmad who will be defending his Bukit Gantang Parliament seat.

He said Idris won the seat in the 13th General Election due to support from the opposition pact supporters.

“What does Bukit Gantang want to win some more. In the past he won due to Kuala Sepetang state seat. Now all the voters have come to our side. We can win the Bukit Gantang seat,”he said.

Source: NST Online