Amanah’s Mat G is now the nation’s most ‘popular’ GE14 candidate

It looks like Mat Sabu may have a few loose G-strings to tie up before the upcoming general election (GE14).

Only yesterday, MIC’s V. Gunalan took to the media criticising the Amanah president for being too arrogant. According to the Kota Raja Barisan Nasional candidate, it was very unbecoming of a man as popular as Mat Sabu to write him off as “a non-challenger.” Suddenly, I’m getting the creeps thinking just how this MIC guy may be a psychic.

Had it not been for the red G-String controversy, I’d probably have written an open letter to Guna demanding to know at which point in time the Amanah president became popular. But who’d have guessed that the MIC guy had the gift of foresight – it appears, that Mat Sabu may well be the nation’s most ‘popular’ GE14 candidate to date!

Yes, you read right.

The man who broke away from PAS claiming to be more Islamic that Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has successfully proven himself to be the most “wholly” candidate in the run up to the general election. It seems more than likely that ‘Mat G’ – who, for the record, is not related to Kenny G in any way – may well end up stealing the limelight from Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the lead up to GE14. 

The reason?


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BARISAN Nasional’s Kota Raja parliamentary candidate V. Gunalan is taken aback by the remarks made by his challenger Mohamad Sabu who said he was not a worthy challenger.


The MIC man said the Parti Amanah Negara president was too arrogant in dismissing him as a non-challenger.

“Mat Sabu told voters from Kota Raja that I was not a worthy challenger to contest against him during his election campaign trail.

“I accept that he is a very popular figure, but it does not mean that he should underestimate me,” said the Sepang MIC chairman.

Gunalan added that he had a lot of respect for Mat Sabu and had not expected such a remark from a man of his standing.

All the same, he said Mat Sabu’s remark had given him added drive to go all out in GE14.

“Mat Sabu may be popular but I am worker. I believe the voters wants a MP who is willing to serve them, not one who is only good at talking,” he said during his press conference since nomination day.

Furthermore, Gunalan said, Mat Sabu was an outsider who came from another state and, as such, Kota Raja voters would likely regret it if they voted for him as their member of parliament.

Gunalan said he had been actively moving around Kota Raja over the past four days and had not heard of Mat Sabu having visited any of the venues he had gone to.

“I can tell the people of Kota Raja that Mat Sabu will not be with you people when his presence is required because he stays outside Selangor.

“I am a Dengkil resident and will move house to Kota Raja if I am elected as the MP here,” he said

Meanwhile, Gunalan said, improving the condition of roads and resolving the flash flood problem at the constituency was his priority if was elected.

As a MIC Sepang division chairman, he said, he had given the best service to the Indian community in the district over the past five years.

“Likewise, I can do a lot more for the people of Kota Raja and hope the voters will give me a chance to prove myself,” Gunalan said, adding that he would be also pushing for a government hospital to be built at Kota Kemuning.

Gunalan and Mat Sabu are involved in a three-corner fight for the seat along with Mohamed Diah Baharum of PAS.

Source: The Star Online



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