Amazing how a ‘failing’ country with such a ‘bad reputation’ has so many travellers

Lim Sian See

Passenger traffic in KLIA broke 50 million people for the first time in 2016 – coming in at 52.6 million.

Up to November this year, it has already surpassed last year’s traffic and is now at 52.9 million with December to spare.

Normally, December is the busiest month. In Dec 2016, KLIA traffic was 5.33 million – a 10.2% growth compared to Dec 2015.

KLIA would need to register 7.1 million passengers in Dec 2017 – so it is unlikely that KLIA can break the 60 million passengers barrier this year – most probably coming in at 58mil to 59mil for 2017 – but it may over-take JFK airport in New York and come close to Frankfurt airport – and possibly surpass Changi Airport’s volume last year of 58.8mil passengers.

Perhaps next year, KLIA can do it – but not this year although KLIA will register one of the top growth rates among major airports in the world for 2017.

However, due to more international flights connecting other airports directly such as Penang, Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu, the growth in international traffic for all airports in Malaysia has grown faster than KLIA traffic.

Total international traffic is already at 38.3 million up to Nov 2017 after registering 4.1mil passengers for Nov 2017 alone, so we will definitely break the 40 million international passengers barrier for the first time in the year 2017.

Isn’t it amazing that a country that according to the opposition, is “so oppressed” with “so bad reputation” and is failing can register so many travelers, huh?

Source: Lim Sian See