Ambiga must come clean on RM90 million bribe claim

“In an 11th of October 2017 Defence and Counterclaim (D&C) statement filed at the High Court of Justice in London, Clare Rewcastle Brown accused me of conspiring with Abdul Hadi Awang to harass her.

“In the same D&C statement, the Sarawak Report Chief Editor fingered Ambiga Sreenevasan as the person who told her that Najib channelled RM90 million to solicit support from PAS and its leaders.

“I am lodging an MACC report against Ambiga at 3.30 pm tomorrow in Shah Alam and will be holding a press conference shortly thereafter.

“If indeed Ambiga was the one who told Clare about the alleged RM90 million bribe, the onus is for her to hand over to the MACC evidence to assist the anti-graft agency with investigations.

“Withholding the evidence is tantamount to aiding and abetting the alleged crime.

“Ambiga must come clean on whether she has the evidence, whether she lied to Clare Rewcastle Brown or whether it is the Sarawak Report Chief Editor herself who lied in the D&C.

“I have the locus standi to address the matter in Malaysian courts should the need arise”

RJ Rithaudeen