An open letter to Pakatan Harapan supporters

Hasnah Rahman

First things first, congratulations.

Now, to the brass tacks. You guys were the Opposition for quite a while. You made full use of the social and mainstream media, not to mention the streets, to let your voices be heard.

And heard everyone did, to the point that the country is now being managed by Pakatan Harapan. Thus, the congratulations.

Why then are you now upset that the current Opposition supporters are taking swipes at your leaders the moment these people are out of line?

Isn’t that the role of the Opposition? To be the check and balance for any wrongdoings of a sitting government? Just as you guys did before, remember?

Notably, the current Opposition have yet to do worse things. You know, those stuff that you did before? Like praying for the death of certain leaders, using 4-letter words when you are cornered. Cursing everyone’s parents, grandparents and ancestors, and of course the famous street demonstrations 1,2,3,4 till eternity.

No, this Opposition that graciously allowed for the smooth transition of power to happen, has yet to do what the previous Opposition did. This smooth transition of power, that had the western media in awe, is a reflection of the type of Opposition you are going to deal with for the next 5 years. You guys must have been born under a lucky star to be bestowed with such an Opposition.

Okay, granted, there were a number of sarcastic posts, making fun of leaders and the administration, eliciting a snigger or two. But you don’t have to be unnecessarily upset at their posts and comments, they are just doing their job.You have to admit though, that without these dudes, social media will be a really boring place.


You will only see members of the LGBT community dancing in the streets, holding hands. People incessantly posting photos of their food, their holidays, and their grandchildren at their first concert. And possibly, screenshots of Whatsapp messages between two people having an affair and posted by the wife. You know, things that are so much a part and parcel of our daily lives.

So embrace this new crop of Opposition members. Support their effort to be the check and balance of your leaders.

Mind you, one day you will really thank them, I am very sure of that.

As they say in social media, BOOM!

Hasnah Abd Rahman is a political observer



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