And what about the wastage of taxpayer money, Saddiq?

TTF: When is small small enough, Saddiq?

Is 15% progress small enough for you to consider depriving companies who were awarded projects through legitimate means their rights to complete those projects?

What steps are you taking to ascertain that 15% progress constitutes an insufficiency on the part of a company conducting a project?

Did you simply pluck a random figure from out of thin air to decide which projects needed re-tendering?

What if the 15% was in line with schedules submitted by the company prior to the award of the project?

Are you still going to go ahead and re-tender the project?

Did you know, that under the circumstances, the company could end up suing your ministry?

And did you know, that should the company resort to a lawsuit, it is the taxpayer who will end up forking your ministry’s legal fees?

So how can that be good for us, considering that we were told Pakatan Harapan was all about “good governance” and “the elimination of wastage?”

Can you now see why I called you a political greenhorn?

KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has called for all of the ministry’s projects which are less than 15 per cent complete to be halted and reopened for tender.

“I have instructed the ministry to stop projects that have not (reached) the 15 per cent mark, as per conditions set by the Finance Ministry. We will do a re-tendering process for the projects through open tender,” he said at Parliament yesterday.

He said most of the scrapped projects were started this year. These, he said, included new youth centres and stadiums.

He also touched on a five-step plan to rejuvenate the ministry and bring it to an “exemplary level of governance”.

“After discussions with the relevant bodies and agencies, we have agreed that the five objectives will begin with ensuring that all contracts go through an open tender process.

“There must also be a Grade P44-ranked Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer stationed at the ministry’s office.

“Ministry officers must also declare their assets, while we move to revive the Corruption Risk Mitigation report, and for completed and halfway projects to be scrutinised through programme and forensic auditing.”

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim yesterday said most of the contracts awarded by the ministry last year were through direct negotiations.

Former youth and sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin had stated that the directly-awarded contracts were not an automatic sign of corruption.


Source: NST Online

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