Angry taxi drivers are great tools to spread Pakatan’s lies to passengers

Lim Sian See

After proving to the taxi driver that Rosmah doesn’t own Grab, I asked him how much is he paying for the taxi.

He told me it was RM3,000 per month for 5 years – not including road-tax, petrol and insurance that he has to pay himself. He then told me the taxi only cost RM70,000.

Then I started calculating … RM3,000 per month X 12 X 5 equals…

Before I can complete my calculations he said.. “RM200,000 boss! Kita kena tipu”.

Then I said “wow”.. this was Mahathir’s doing of giving ribu-ribu permit kepada syarikat kroni.

Abang driver then said .. “No. Berpuluh-puluh ribu permit -bukan beribu-ribu”

I said RM70,000 loan over 5 years means installment RM1,400 per month – less than half of the RM3,000 per month you are using paying now.

So, I asked why didn’t he give up the car and then drive Grab himself or get an individual taxi permit that govt now giving. With this, he can own the car now instead of only owning the car 5 years later after paying RM3,000 per month since govt now giving individual permits ?


He said.. “Satu kaki sudah masuk dalam skim ini. Tak boleh keluar”.

I then asked him since it was Mahathir who made you suffer with this system but yet you are still going to support Mahathir?

He didn’t answer.

Then I further asked. “And isn’t it Najib who gave you a way out of this setengah-kaki sudah masuk situation?”

He said “yes, you can say that”.

Then I got off the taxi and he came over and sheepishly shook my hand and said “Thanks for the conversation/”.

My conclusion is that people can be reasoned with but you need to engage them properly and in a non-confrontational way.

And plus, people are really angry once they realize they have been fed with lies to become a tool for the opposition to spread their propaganda.

But you must hand it to Pakatan for their strategy to incite hate among the tax-drivers using lies such as Rosmah owns Grab/Uber. Angry taxi drivers are great tools to spread their anti-govt anger and Pakatan’s lies to all their passengers.

Source: Lim Sian See



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