Another day, another lie by Lim Guan Eng

TTF: More rubbish coming from a man entrusted to take care of the nation’s purse strings.

Yesterday, it was all about the national debt.

Today, it’s back to 1MDB.

1MDB -national debt – 1MDB – it’s a roller coaster ride with this Guan Eng fellow.

Seriously, we have repeatedly asked him to display figures, calculations and evidences to show how he came to the conclusion that the national debt is above RM1 trillion and that the debt-to-GDP ratio is 80.3%.

We also asked him to display evidences to prove his claim that Jho Low had a hidden hand in deals undertaken by the Malaysian government with China and that the deals were negotiated through the backdoor by the Najib administration.

But has he furnished those evidences?


As a matter of fact, he could not even debunk claims by Moody’s Investors Service that the Government of Malaysia (GoM) lied regarding the debt-to-GDP ratio being 80.3%.

To date, he has not even been able to refute claims that the multibillion Penang Undersea Tunnel project was nothing but a smokescreen billowed from his previous office in Komtar to conceal a massive land-scam deal that involved kickbacks to his cronies in various Chinese associations and consulting firms.

So how can we trust him?

BUTTERWORTH: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has accused former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak of trying to distract the people from the financial mess left behind by his previous administration.

Lim said this in response to Najib’s assertion that the former was not well versed with the accounting system employed by the public sector.

Since Najib likes to drag other matters to the real problem faced by the country, I would do the same, Lim said.

“I wish to also bring up the 1MDB scandal as it was part of the national debt faced by the country,” he said.

Source: The Sun Daily