Another effing blogger on the net?

Cockeyed Joe

I know I know. Another political blogger. I mean, like, WTF, rite?

But hey, why not?

There’re so many bloggers out there writing crap, destroying Malaysia with fake news, fake info, fake tits, I thought why not I start a brand new blog to out-blog all these buggers? With my world class intel (mostly from my half blind nearly deaf uncle on my mother’s grandmother’s side who happens to have a warung next to Wikileaks office and his friend who is a friend who is shagging Clare Brown), I think I am well equipped and well prepared to take this politico blogging to another sphere or rather another level. So if you want the real juicy news, simple idiot proof postings so you can understand what IMDB is all about, what our national debt is all about, and maybe some other important stuff like who Nurul Izzah is dating, drop by.

We got loads of fun stuff.

And oh yes, we also subscribe and support the ABOM movement – the Anything But Orang Mahathir movement…or Asalkan Bukan Orang Mahathir club. Why? Why not? He is 93 going on senile, he has already screwed us royally without KY Jelly for 22 years, he has destroyed lives, families and his own brain cells, I think it’s about time someone show you who he really is and hopefully soon, was.