AP Rafidah, where are your balls?

Dear Rafidah Aziz,

Last Tuesday, I challenged you to a debate following the insinuations you dropped against the administration of Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. As everyone probably already knows, the insinuations had to do with the seizure of Equanimity, a yacht you and some goons from Pakatan Harapan insist belongs to a Penang born billionaire, Low Taek Jho (Jho Low).

Multiple reports online suggest that you are dissatisfied with the way local enforcement authorities addressed the seizure. According to some Pakatoons, Jho Low should be on the radars of local enforcement authorities as the yacht was purchased using money he stole from 1MDB. The manner in which you mocked the Malaysian maritime authorities suggests that you agree with those Pakatoons, meaning, you yourself feel the yacht was purchased using ill-gotten wealth.

So why not debate me?

This weekend, my team is prepared to pitch us together live in front of cameras that will stream your message all across town. We’re well aware that you’re yearning – or rather, being provoked by Mahathir – to make a comeback as the “hard-hitting, razor-mouthed ion lady nobody should mess with.” So why don’t you grab this chance of a lifetime to tell all and sundry how Jho Low conspired with Najib to siphon billions from 1MDB?

Why, no balls?

Perhaps it’s true what they say then. Perhaps, you’re comfortable being known as the AP Queen who pocketed truckloads of ‘the sweet stuff’ helping your cronies turn from millionaires to billionaires. I, for one, am damn sure that the AP process under your care turned into a “lucrative middle-man cash cow operation” that saw many a Bumiputera sell his (or her) permit to the non-Malay for cash. And I can tell you for a fact that there are many more out there who feel exactly the way I do about you.

And why wouldn’t they?

A well-placed source confided in me that between the years 1987 and 2008, 156 out of 254 companies lost their APs due to abuse in the process. I am told, the abuse added thousands upon thousands of dollars to the retail cost of imported cars, meaning, someone somewhere made a helluva lot of money he or she wasn’t supposed to make. Tell me, was that person you?


Remember, we’re talking abuse that came at the cost of the Malaysian taxpayer. The abuse allowed “crony-importers” to earn billions a year just from selling these APs and a further two to three billion per crony assuming they used those permits to import luxury cars themselves. And here we have your good self insinuating that the GoM under Najib betrayed the taxpayer by doing nothing about Jho Low. Seriously, who do you think you’re trying to kid here?

Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows the shxt that took place in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) between the years 1987 and 2008. According to an intelligence source I deal with, you’re pissed that the Prime Minister plans to pull the brakes on the AP system by 2020. Under the circumstances, you stand to lose millions upon millions a year assuming it is you who has quietly been pocketing ‘commissions’ from the import and sale of luxury cars all these years.


Then why not ‘okay’ the debate? On the one hand, it would give me the opportunity to explain the American Civil Forfeiture process to the average Malaysian and why the process does not concern 1MDB or even the GoM. On the other, it would present you the opportunity to prove that some Bumiputera axxhole somewhere snuck into your office “one rainy and stormy night and ‘took’ some APs from your desk without your knowledge.” Now isn’t that a double bonanza on all fronts, both yours and mine? Or does your front not have balls?

Over to you, AP Queen.


Raggie Jessy



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