Arshad Raji shoots his mouth again for all the wrong reasons

Another Brick in the Wall

Retired Brigedier General Arshad Raji told Zakir Naik to shut up for insulting Indians.

Apparently, Zakir Naik told the audience during his Kota Baru stadium speech that Malaysian Hindus should be thankful for the treatment they get from the Muslim majority in Malaysia which is far better than the treatment the minority Muslims get from Hindu majority in India.

If Zakir wanted to expose the bad treatment of minority Indian Muslims, he could have reworded it in a more politically correct way than get himself entangled in local political exchanges.

Nevertheless, the overly talkative and opinionated retired soldier, Arshad, usually misses the crux of many issues and repeatedly needs to be corrected.

The matter was not about local Indians but Hindus.

But his sensitivity towards Indians aside, a former founder of IJM Berhad actually insulted our serviceman.

Where the f^¢& did Arshad hide his loud mouth then?

Denigrating soldiers as farm labour

Former founder of IJN, Tan Sri Koon Yew Yin, shot his mouth again.

This time, he denigrated our soldiers as lazy and doing nothing. They should be sent to work in the Felda plantation, he says.

For one, this is another loud mouth that needs to be corrected.

These soldiers train during times of peace and are busy during conflicts or serious internal security problems that require soldiers’ intervention.

Does Koon prefer to see them busy?

If this numbnut money-minded capitalist is trying to say that we need to let our soldiers do the hard, dirty and dangerous work taken up by foreign labour, it means his brain is in a time warp.

It seems that this old school businessman is stuck in the low-valued-cheap-labour mindset and believes that soldiers trained to fight should be made to do menial labour at the government’s expense.