Banglo-gate trial postponed yet again

Lim Sian See

Looks like DAP got what they wanted and managed to postpone the trial to after elections.

The main suspect of the two corruption charges, Lim Guan Eng did not appear in court this morning.

Lim’s lawyer Gobind Singh apologising for the absence of Lim as he is attending to some official business.

Gobind explained Lim had to see to the dissolution of the state assembly this afternoon, and prepare for the coming election.

“I do not know when the polls is, but I suggest that case management be in May,” Gobind said.

Although charged on 1st July 2016, the trial could not proceed as DAP had filed a challenge that the MACC act was unconstitutional. The case went all the way from the high court, appeals court to the Federal court.

The case only got started about two weeks ago where the prosecution sent in witnesses to prove that the seller of the banglo not only sold it below market price but even below her cost – citing the high amount of bank interest and renovation cost that she had paid.

DAP however tried to paint a picture that the case was politically motivated as a BN-friendly blogger was the one who filed the police report but did not know the details even though the person filing the report was not supposed to know the details as this was the job of the investigating authorities.


The Penang state assembly will be dissolved today hence Guan Eng will have reasons not to attend the case today therefore Gobind asked for the case to be postponed after elections.

But lead prosecuter Masri Md Daud said the session could go on, as the election date has not been set yet.

However, judge Hadhariah said the court cannot proceed without Lim, as it is a corruption case.

The judge fixed May 10 for case management and May 21 for the trial to resume.

Masri later told reporters that the court was supposed to hear the testimonies of 14 witnesses today.

Much more detailed info was expected to be revealed today by the prosecution including information that could possibly embarrass the DAP leadership but it looks like DAP had gotten what it wanted and postponed this to after elections.



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