Bloggers and social media users should act more responsibly

TTF: This applies to me. Message received, loud and clear

Salleh Said Keruak

Of late, bloggers and social media users are acting quite recklessly in what they post on the internet. This has intensified probably due to the upcoming general election where temperatures and sentiments are running high. We must not allow tempers to jeopardise the peace, harmony and stability of Malaysia.

Notwithstanding the laws that control the abuse of the social media — such as the publishing of fake news, seditious and libellous postings, and so on — bloggers and social media users should be sensible and responsible enough to practice self-censorship. Why wait until the government needs to act or clampdown on the abuse of the internet? Malaysians know what is socially acceptable and what is offensive.

MCMC will be asked to monitor the social media to ensure that users act responsibly. And if they cannot act responsibly then the government will need to step in and restore order to the internet. Do not allow it to come to a stage where action needs to be taken against abusers of the internet and social media. After all, if you are educated enough to use the social media, then you should be educated enough to differentiate between right and wrong.