Breaking News: Is RPK going to be arrested today?


We have just received news that Raja Petra Kamarudin a.k.a. RPK is on the way to the Malaysian High Commission office in London to meet three police officers from Bukit Aman. It seems the police officers from Bukit Aman flew in from Kuala Lumpur last night to meet RPK and to record his statement.

Those close to the investigation informed TTF that this refers to the series of three article that RPK wrote, titled Strong rumours surrounding the AG: parts 1, 2 and 3 (follow links below).

Strong rumours surrounding the AG: part 1

Strong rumours surrounding the AG: part 2

Strong rumours surrounding the AG: part 3

Yesterday, the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali, said he demands an apology from RPK or else the former is going to sue the latter to kingdom come. TTF believes the police are in London to meet RPK and to record his statement regarding this case.

It is not known if RPK is going to be charged for any criminal offence but the High Commission office is regarded as Malaysian soil so the Malaysian police have a right to arrest him and detain him while they apply to extradite him back to Malaysia.

Whether RPK will be allowed to leave the High Commission office after he enters it is not known at this stage and we are still awaiting news.