Bribes, threats and blackmail: The Sad-Dick dilemma

The only way to establish whether HR is behind this crime of bribery, threats and blackmail would be for the police to record Sad-Dick’s statement. Sad-Dick can then reveal who approached him and dealt with him, allegedly on behalf of HR or representing HR. The police can then summon these middlemen for their statements to also be recorded. Then they can tell the police whether they acted on their own initiative or whether they acted under instructions from HR.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman a.k.a. Sad-Dick dropped a bombshell earlier this week when he announced during a press conference that he was offered a RM5 million bribe, a RM400,000 Oxford scholarship, and a budget to start debating schools all over Malaysia if he agreed to leave the country and denounce Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and PPBM. Well, it was supposed to be a bombshell but did not quite reach the earth-shattering level that he had hoped.

What was even more interesting is that, according to Sad-Dick, the press conference to announce the RM5 million bribe and the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship was arranged by the person or persons who offered him the bribe and scholarship. And it was in this same press conference that Sad-Dick denounced the organiser and exposed the RM5 million bribe and the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship.

This is either a drama that can win the drama of the year award or the organiser is so stupid he or she should have been strangled at birth. How in heaven’s name can a criminal involved in bribery, threats and blackmail organise a press conference so that his or her victim can reveal he is being bribed, threatened and blackmailed? This is what Malays would call bodoh macam lembu.

Is this allegation of the RM5 million bribe, the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship, and the budget to set up debating schools all over Malaysia for real? Did this really happen or is this story fabricated? So far the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship story appears fake so there is a chance the RM5 million bribe and budget for debating schools could be fake as well.

If the story is fake then who instructed Sad-Dick to organise the press conference to expose this so-called crime that never happened? And if the story is real would not the first and logical thing to do would be to make a police or MACC report? Then, armed with the police or MACC report, you hold your press conference and show the reporters the copy of your report. A ‘kosong’ press conference would not be very convincing because anyone can say anything.


There is also another possibility. And that other possibility is the story could be true. Certain parties could have offered Sad-Dick the RM5 million bribe, the RM400,000 Oxford scholarship, and the budget to start debating schools all over Malaysia. So Sad-Dick did not lie. And then they told Sad-Dick that a person named HR was the man behind the deal or that they are working for HR or are part of HR’s team.

So, invariably, the impression being created is that the person or persons making Sad-Dick the offer are merely ‘the messengers’ while the ‘power above’ is this man named HR whereas all this while HR was not even aware of what was happening. Anyway, those in the business know that this is not HR’s modus operandi. HR would rather take a gun and shoot his own brains out rather than organise a Keystone Kops type of operation.

Now, if this is a set up and if the aim is to implicate HR in a crime of bribery, threats and blackmail, that means it is an inside job and the real target is HR and not Sad-Dick. Talk in the corridors of power is that two people named Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim and Nazir Hussain are those behind this. Whether this is an operation accidentally gone bad or whether they intentionally wanted it to go bad so that they could ‘burn’ HR is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, it is beginning to appear like Azeez and Nazir are trying to kill HR with a borrowed knife, as the Chinese would say.

Sad-Dick admitted he never personally met this man named HR. That means he dealt though middlemen. And since Sad-Dick ‘knows’ that HR is behind this, or is involved in some way, that means the middlemen must have told Sad-Dick this. If not how would Sad-Dick know about HR or about his alleged involvement?




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