Cabinet reshuffle could destroy Pakatan

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Another Brick in the Wall

On the evening of the 21stof August 2019, a former opposition MP, whose party now is the ruling party, sent the following message:

Breaking news!

Dr Mahathir told ministers at cabinet meeting today that portfolios will be reorganised. Tonight, he’s meeting PH party leaders.

Subsequently, he send a link from a Chinese newspaper, Oriental Daily, reporting that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not attend the meeting and that Dato’ Mustapha Mohamed would join the Federal Cabinet.

Daim freezing relationship

An earlier rumour heard was that Tok Pa would be made Economic Adviser to the PM, and that the current adviser and possibly others linked to Tun Daim in the PM’s office would be removed.

It was indicative of a cold front developing between Tun Daim and Mahathir. Those who’re on Daim’s payroll but are working with Mahathir will surely be in a dilemma.

However, Daim and Mahathir could be putting up an act as they did during the late 90s to the early 2000 economic crisis as a ploy to “reshuffle” their corporate implementers.


Daim claimed in April that the government would solve the nation’s economic woes by October, which is approximately a month and a half away.

It was deemed next to impossible without him having a legitimate position of authority and with Lim Guan Eng blocking his plans, and not to mention, Mahathir’s habitual interference and unjustified needs.

The view then was that Daim was not talking economics, but politics. There were then rumours of a major political move, which was said to involve UMNO and as one senior reporter confided, the possibility of a new coalition.

Credit where it is due, Daim is more serious to revive the economy and fulfil campaign promises.

It affected his businesses and a revived economy means quick buck restructuring schemes and deals. However, Mahathir is too embroiled in politics, self-interest, political legacy, and building castles in the air.

Part of the move is expected to be a cabinet reshuffle that could see former UMNO Ministers returning, including the possibly of those claiming to still be in UMNO making comebacks.

Cabinet reshuffle

Political pundits had long anticipated a cabinet reshuffle to appoint Dato Seri Azmin Ali to replace Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as Deputy Prime Minister. The Sandakan semburit video delayed it.

The bigger expectation from Mahathir in order to draw support from UMNO MPs is to show he still has sincere intentions for the first three Jawi alphabets which must be expressed by removing Lim Guan Eng and Tommy Thomas.

If Mahathir dares, it could break-up PH. However, he knows that DAP will not dare to lose power. They fear retribution that could land all of them in Sungai Buloh prison, beginning with Guan Eng.


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