Can the DAP Red Bean Army defend against ISIS attacks?

Lim Sian See

DAP is now attacking MCA for a supposed U-turn on the Better Beer Festival issue in KL.

MCA had defended the festival but after being briefed in yesterday’s cabinet meeting over certain security threats, MCA agreed with the ban.

Given MCA’s record in defending the rights of non-Muslims, for them to make such a U-Turn means the information they received is serious.

Recently, there were reports that ISIS had planned to target non-Muslims in Malaysia.

An open-air beer festival would be a prime high-profile soft-target for such attacks – as evidenced around the world including Germany where the Oktoberfest originated from.

Pubs and bars can still hold their own Oktoberfest in their own premises without the need for permits but having a big open-air festival would be a security risk.

Beer-lovers are not deprived by drinking indoors instead of in the open.

With ISIS around and Malaysia being one of the targets, today’s world is different from before.

DAP should stop politicizing this and should not attack MCA over such issues unless they know what those specific security threats are or they can get their Red Bean Army to guarantee security and defend against any ISIS attacks.

I am sure the RBA will succeed where the western govts had failed in preventing “Lone Wolf” attacks.

However, should the beer festival happen and there is an attack, DAP would also be the first to criticize the Govt.

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