Chin Peng and the MCP opposed Merdeka, not fought for Merdeka

Pakatan Harapan is misleading Malaysians by saying that Chin Peng and the MCP were fighting for Merdeka. They were opposed to Merdeka and the Alliance Party. Chin Peng and the MCP were proxies of China, North Vietnam and the Soviet Union. They wanted to abolish the monarchy and turn Malaya into a Communist Republic. And until today they still want to do that.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

MCP Secretary-General Chin Peng and Malaysia’s new Attorney-General Tommy Thomas

Pakatan Harapan, Malaysia’s new Attorney-General included, wants the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) to be declared freedom fighters and for Chin Peng to be declared a patriot. Well, many Malays would like Hamas to be declared freedom fighters and for Yasser Arafat to be declared a patriot. Can those Tamil Tigers people in DAP agree to that? Hell, they even want Dr Zakir Naik to be declared a terrorist mainly because he is a Muslim preacher.

Some even say Malaysia got Merdeka on 31st August 1957 because of the MCP. They say the MCP was such a headache to the British that they gave Malaya independence just to get rid of the Communist Terrorists (CTs) problem. They say once Malaya was Merdeka the Malayan Emergency would no longer be a British problem.

Anyway, just to digress a bit, will Malaysia be celebrating the 61st of 55th Merdeka next month on 31st August? Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963 and not in 1957. So Malaysia is only 55 years old. How can Malaysia be celebrating its 61st Merdeka when Malaysia is only 55 years old?

Was Merdeka 55 years ago in 1963 or 61 years ago in 1957 and is it on 31st August or 16th September?

What is Pakatan Harapan going to do about this? Are they going to force Sabah and Sarawak to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of Merdeka next month when Sabah and Sarawak have been part of Malaysia for only 55 years? And Malaysia was formed on 16th September, not 31st August.

Last time they said under Umno and Barisan Nasional nothing can be done about it. Well, Malaysia is no longer under Umno and Barisan Nasional. And since today they said they want to rewrite history, then rewrite it. What day is Merdeka Day? 31st August or 16th September? And how many years is it? 55 or 61? Make a decision on that quickly. You got only 20 days left to reach 100 days.

‘Malaysia Baru’ or the New Malaysia should declare the 55th Anniversary of ‘Merdeka Baru’ on 16th September. Malaysia Baru no longer has Umno and Barisan Nasional to stop the declaration of the 55th Anniversary of Merdeka Baru on 16th September.