Chin Peng was a butcher, died a terrorist

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These communist sympathisers should ask themselves this question before the try and defend Chin Peng and CPM.

Did Malaysia declare war on Chin Peng or was it Chin Peng that declared war on Malaysia?

I read some comments on msm by his hardcore sympathisers, following are some examples…

1. Why can’t people forgive and forget what Chin Peng did and move on…? 

The reason most of us Malaysians are upset about Chin Peng and CPM is indeed very simple to understand — why continue violence against a sovereign independent Malaya/Malaysia and attack our uniformed personnel’s, innocent women and children? Why why why??

2. If you think CPM was bad then what about Japanese and China?? Why so biased in judging CPM?

The japanese did not continue to live here nor attacked Malaya when the war ended, they went back and have deeply regreted their transgressions during the war, they have contributed much to the world since the war ended and gained a lot of goodwill.

On the other hand, CPM continued an armed struggle even after the British left and Malaya was independent, they didn’t stop — in the second emergency from 1968 to 1989, they used force and violence to attack our men in uniform and civilians with utter cruelty. there are people who were NEEDLESSLY killed or wounded by the CPM.

3. But Chin Peng surrendered and why wasn’t he allowed to come back to Malaysia??? This is also the doing of BN govt!! Is it because he was Chinese and the other 3 malay top ranks   in CPM were allowed to come back???

I think that if Chin Peng had fully surrendered after the Baling talks and had not continued to pursue CPM’s goal of establishing a Communist state in Malaya/Malaysia, he may have had enough time to positively and peacefully contribute to the country, and history may be a lot kinder to him.

But Chin Peng never did that. In fact, Chin Peng never wished to stay in Malaysia after the Hat Yai Peace Accord 1989.

He chose self exile in Thailand, continued his ideology in communism and the govt of Malaysia welcomed it gladly.


It was only in 2008 that he applied to come and stay in Malaysia but was rejected because he could NOT show any valid documents that he was born here therefore, never legally a Malaysian.

In 2009, the butcher again made an application, but was again rejected for the same reason.

4. Its still bias, he’s dead and only his ashes are brought back only for family to pay thier last respect

Over the last couple of weeks, whenever there’s an article on this subject, you can clearly see the droves of communist sympathisers come out in the open to show support for their beloved butcher, the butcher of bekor! Go have look for yourselves.

This only further strengthens the fear some of us have, this butcher may have been dead and his ashes may just be ashes brought back as his final resting place but his idealogy still lives on! Again, go through the comment section over the last 2 weeks from any article written on any of the msm on this topic.

5. What about these 3 Malaysians…must be CPM supporters and descendants too!?!?!

It’s good that you highlighted the 3 articles of Tun M, Anwar and Rahim Noor. These 3 were in power back then during the Hatyai Treaty and they were the ones who rejected Chin Peng to return home for whatever reasons. Now you want to believe them ka? That’s a good joke though!

The butcher Chin Peng, should have been hanged as was Mohammad Amin of the Al Ma’unah for killing and waging war against the state and King.

Lastly, also note that in june 1998, chin peng told a writer of the asian financial crisis that its the right time to regroup CPM. He breached the 1989 Peace Accord in June 1998, and is a terrorist until his death.

Sekian Almaklum kisah Chin Peng saya!

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