Chinese will have no friends left because of DAP’s bad behaviour


We’ve already been introduced to the DAP’s ‘Melayu screw Melayu’ strategy. Have a look now at how DAP treats the outlier 10 percent Chinese voters who are against the evangelical party.

A recent incident below involving Tony Pua gives an idea of the ruthless scorched earth approach adopted by the DAP.

Tony is DAP’s national publicity secretary. Recently Tony, in his open letter to Eric See-To, showed Malaysia the true face of the DAP 2.0 upstarts.

Eric is the BN strategic communications deputy director but to Tony, he is a “nobody” and certainly not his friend.

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

So get this: In the opinion of the DAP national publicity secretary, the BN strategic communications deputy director – in comparison – is “a ‘nobody’ in politics”.

Tony views Eric as a nobody because he is “not a Minister, Deputy Minister, MP or Adun”. In Tony’s own view, however, he himself is a ‘somebody’. Why? Only because Tony holds a ‘Yang Berhormat’ title after having been elected to the Petaling Jaya Utara constituency, plus being a bona fide “political party leader” in his capacity as Selangor DAP chairman.

Hence the ordinary rakyat should be aware that whenever Joe Public attempts to touch on politics or to air his political views, he is at the end of the day still merely a ‘nobody’ who can be dismissed by Tony and his DAP colleagues with a wave of the hand.


To be worthy of the attention of the DAP movers and shakers, you need to have a YB prefixed to your name.

And if you ever wondered where the RBA get their manners from, look no further than the DAP national publicity secretary. It’s called ‘Leadership by example’.

From Tony’s mouth spews the Dapster stock phrases and standard mockery, for example, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”. This is what the RBA would typically say.

For Tony (in his open letter) to say to Eric, “you wailed like a newborn crybaby”, “Do you need a box of tissues?”, “Are tears rolling out too? Do you need a pacifier?” is indicative of the level of immaturity in the DAP’s second echelon leadership. Not to mention their Christian pettiness.

After more childish taunting – “I’m sure you [Eric] will want the last word and whine some more after this”, “Go ahead, entertain yourself silly” – Tony attempts to grandstand, saying “this will be my only response. I’m pretty sure my voters will tell me I have better and more important things to do”.

Hopefully the Malaysian electorate can by now realise how unimportant they are in the DAP scheme of things and beneath contempt, especially if the voter is someone on the side of the hated establishment.

⇓  Tony has new VVIP friend Joseph (seated below) who’s a big ‘somebody’

Tony throws Eric’s friendship in the bin

Tony’s jiwa kecil is crystalized in the passage below he penned to Eric whom had once lent him RM100,000.

Tony wrote the following:

“And yes, you [Eric] kindly provided me with a RM100k 10-day loan for my then-company when we faced problems with our own debtors some 12 years ago (fully repaid – yes, 12 years ago). Yes, thank you very much. So, because of that, you are ‘somebody’? … Don’t make me laugh.”

Evidently the unschooled Tony is unacquainted with the pantun below. Sad.

Pisang emas dibawa berlayar 
Masak sebiji di atas peti
Hutang emas boleh dibayar 
Hutang budi dibawa mati

Not only does Tony not want Eric to refer to them as ‘friends’, Tony also says that he is “embarrassed” when Eric publicly brings up their (past) friendship.

And not only does Tony refuse to consider Eric as a friend but Tony goes so far as to regard Eric as a political adversary that must be attacked (“spanked”) in public.

The following are reasons provided by Tony why he considers Eric to be beyond the pale.

  • “You have made the choice to swim with the sharks in BN.”
  • “You have decided that it is in your interest to publicly defend and lick the asses of the kleptocratic leaders who have stolen tens of billions of ringgit to enrich themselves.”
  • “You have thrown your lot with them.”

⇓  Tony and DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong visit Dr M in his office

Actually, one can easily throw back to the DAP what Tony has just said above. To mirror Tony’s words:

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have made the choice to swim with the sharks (of PBBM).

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have decided that it is in your interest to publicly defend and lick the ass of Tun Dr Mahathir under whose watch Barry Wain, in his book Malaysian Maverick, said was responsible for RM100 billion losses in the Bank Negara forex gamble and the foray into the international tin market.

⇒  You, DAP leaders, have thrown your lot with Mahathir, Muhyiddin and the rest of the ex-Umno potentates.

How different are DAP leaders from MCA?

Finally, this passage about making someone an enemy reveals the kind thinking in Tony and his DAP colleagues who have only tasted a bit of popularity and power not too long ago.

Tony declares:

“I have made it my mission to fight these crooks, and whoever who stands by them – regardless of whether they were friends or even family. And I make no apologies for it.”

Please take note that in the mind of Tony and his ilk, the ‘crooks’ are all congregated in the BN whereas the DAP is full of angels. Interestingly, the DAP archangel lives not in the heavens above but in an underpriced Penang bungalow with bad feng shui and no swimming pool.

Well never mind if Eric reached out to congratulate Tony after he won the 2008 general election. Never mind if Eric is able to overlook their political differences and still wanted to maintain their friendship regardless.

To Tony, anyone who is aligned or who gives his allegiance to BN is a mortal enemy.

There are big pitfalls in this arrogant attitude of the DAP leadership and their staunch supporters who place so little value on non-partisan friendship.

It is easy to see how DAP has made enemies at every turn. In fact, DAP sees hatred everywhere, so much so that some of its leaders terasa at the car registration plate ‘DAP165’ featured in local Malay movie Malay Regiment.

DAP has no Malay friends. The Umno people can’t stand DAP. The PAS people can’t stand DAP. Many PKR people can’t stand the DAP either as evidenced in their periodic internecine fighting over certain DUN and parliament seats.

Does DAP believe that PBBM is a friend? Its new BFF Tun Mahathir is notoriously temperamental.

Dr M has a history of talak tiga with his former party: The first time in 1969 when he was expelled from Umno by Tunku, then in 2008 departing in a huff at Pak Lah, and the third time after a hissy fit at Najib last year. A number of PBBM founding members have also left Dr M’s young, new party.

If Mahathir is even willing to ‘unfriend’ the old party he himself created in 1988, expect him to be capable of throwing DAP under the bus at any time. Thus PBBM is hardly a reliable Malay friend for the DAP to have.

Ultimately, there are only Mat Sabu and his small PAN gang who are DAP’s friends. Few people want to befriend DAP − a party that has the Tony Pua- type character.

The Chinese who are in thrall to the DAP are following their party into a place where they will eventually be left alienated and friendless. Sadly the Chinese are still unable to imagine what the DAP is doing to them.




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