Claim that RoS took 4 years to inform DAP to hold fresh CEC election is a lie

“If DAP presses on with its intention to hold fresh polls on Sunday in a special congress, they should change their party constitution first”

Lim Sian See

RoS did not take 4 years to inform DAP to hold fresh polls. It is DAP who did not follow RoS’ instructions properly after 4 years.

Here is the proof:

In July 2013, the RoS directed DAP to hold fresh polls following complaints of discrepancies lodged by party members.

On 28th Sept 2013, the RoS cautioned DAP against equating yesterday’s court ruling to getting a green light to hold fresh polls the next day on 29th Sept 2013.

The RoS said this in response to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s claim that the court decision to strike out the suit filed by A. David Dass meant that they had the right to hold the polls via a special congress. Speaking to reporters after the court ruling, Lim accused the RoS of being ignorant of the law.

Stressing that the court matter was strictly between DAP and one of its members, the ROS said its role was to ensure party rules are not breached.

“In accordance with the DAP’s constitution, central elections should be held in a national congress with a 10-week notice given to branches and delegates.


“If DAP presses on with its intention to hold fresh polls on Sunday in a special congress, they should change their party constitution first,” he said.

Therefore, the RoS already PRE-WARNED DAP that their re-election was already not compliant as the relevant documents were not submitted to RoS on time AND the minimum 10-weeks notice period was not adhered to.

On 2nd Sept 2013, the RoS also confirmed that no documents have been submitted to them and warned DAP that is should ‘comply with procedures’ in the re-election.

RoS said DAP had made these decisions without submitting the relevant documents to his office.

“I didn’t receive anything. They just tell the media what they are going to do,” Abdul Rahman said today.

He said that he did not wish to comment further until DAP had submitted relevant documents to inform RoS on the re-election date.

Asked if any letters had been issued by DAP, Abdul Rahman raised his voice while answering: “What letter? What list? You (reporters) tell them (DAP), they spoke about this (reelection date) on Aug 20, (it’s) now Sept 2 already, where are the documents?

“To date, I haven’t received anything. They (DAP) just tell the media whatever they want to do,” he lamented.

On 5th Sept 2013, DAP said they will comply with the RoS request and WILL submit their documents.

I do not know whether they did eventually submit or not but what I do know is that 5th Sept 2013 is LESS than the required 10 weeks away from the 29th Sept 2013 re-election day.

The conclusion is that it is not RoS who took 4 years to ask DAP to hold new polls but that it is DAP who has not fulfilled RoS’ requirements after 4 years – despite already pre-warned that the 29th Sept 2013 poll will be invalid.



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