Claims that FELDA land was stolen all propaganda

Lim Sian See

There is little to fear that FELDA won’t get back its land.

Multiple caveats have already been lodged. The PM wants the land to be taken back. FELDA themselves have already been made. Lawyers and the AG have already been consulted by FELDA months before.

The land is still there. No one “stole the land” and hide in cupboard or brought it overseas.

The Govt controls the land authority that will prevent any further transfers for the developers.

The Govt controls City Hall which will give all the development approvals or rescind any development approvals for the land.

FELDA has all the paperwork and proof that no money was paid for that land, and if need be, go to civil courts to take back the land.

The land is still classified as institutional land with many restriction on land use and to how it can be developed. Such restrictions can only be lifted by the land department and city hall.

It is national news right now and no buyer or even sub-contractors who are not insane will deal with the developers or the project which has been publicly named.


Essentially the developers and the project is f**Cked right now. They cannot develop it, they cannot sell it. They can only look at the land.

FELDA will get back its land for sure.

The only remaining questions are:

It is not unusual that the developer that was appointed by FIC be given a power of attorney (PA) as it helps speeds up the development efforts but the remaining questions remain:

1) Was the Power of Attorney properly authorized by FELDA board of directors before given ?

2) Was the company abusing its power of attorney to transfer the land to its own name and without notifying FELDA or FELDA’s board of directors?

3) Was there any wrong-doing by the land authorities to allow this transfer of land to take place?

4) Was there any benefits received by FELDA insiders or land authorities to allow this unusual transfer of land?

So, don’t worry about getting back the land. It’s pretty much a done deal.

P.S, I find it really amusing that publicity-crazy people like ANAK makes police reports (already made by FELDA lah) or Amanah who make statement asking Felda to sue the developers to get back (already started the process lar) or Nurul Izzah asking Govt to take back the land (what the heck do you think FELDA is trying to do.. DUH!) – all jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of publicity and trying to be hero.

Source: Lim Sian See



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