Clare Rewcastle Brown’s endless possibilities

“As long as Clare Rewcastle Brown  gets paid, she will continue to pull wool over your eyes with shoddy tales wrapped around conjectures and hearsay, none of which are substantiated, none of which hold in the court of law”


Clare Rewcastle Brown is up to her tricks again.

Despite failing to furnish a London court with the evidence that Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak bribed PAS president Dato’ Seri Abdul Hadi Awang RM90 million, the Sarawak Report chief editor is back training her guns on the Prime Minister, this time implying that he lobbied the United States (US) government for a meeting with President Donald J. Trump.

This is what she said:

“There is a possibility that Najib’s heavily funded lobbying delivered on its promises and that the right people were paid to suggest the cheery invitation. After all, Obama played golf with Najib after his own trusted fundraiser netted half a million ringgit from 1MDB. There is also a possibility that the President’s family companies might have interests to be stroked in Najib’s neck of the woods, Malaysians know all about those sorts of manoeuvres.”

And in the same posting, she had this to add:

“There has been another more sinister development, which many are speculating might be related, namely the mysterious shooting incident in the compound of the house of the former AG (the man who drew up charges against Najib) wounding his personal driver yesterday.”


See how slimy this so-called ‘whistleblower’ is?

Notice how she speaks of “possibilities”, “which might be related” and “companies that might have interests” — words and phrases that are of a tone with the fluff Malaysiakini and Free Malaysia Today dish out almost on a daily basis?

Yes, the standard of journalism in Malaysia is now at a new low.

The secret to persuasive reporting is no longer the element of credibility, but the merits of political expediency. You do not write to tell people the truth – you simply write what your political paymasters want them to perceive to be the truth. You then run a campaign to recycle the disinformation with multiple flavours and tones, such that the untruth is gradually taken to be the truth. And that’s how Ms. Rewcastle got Malaysians to believe that Najib dissipated RM42 billion of 1MDB funds into thin air.

In short, the guys at Malaysiakini learnt that the key to a wider audience was not what you write, but how you write it. Ms. Rewcastle demonstrated what the French discovered back in the 1700s – that people are easily bought with stories written in persuasive overtones. Forget the evidence – her years as journalist with the BBC told her that the ink of perception was indelible and left lasting impressions within the voter conscience. It is this conscience she hopes her readers will take to the voting booth come the 14th general election (GE14) to vote Barisan Nasional out of power.

And with Barisan Nasional out of power, a group of powerful billionaires assisted by former British Premier Tony Blair agreed to turn her husband, Andrew Brown, into their chief energy lobbyist to persuade Chinese government officials into funding nuclear ventures with the Middle East. Mahathir has promised her – and as we recently discovered, Blair himself – that if he were to be made Prime Minister, Malaysia would sever all its existing energy agreements with China on the basis of National and Maritime Security concerns.

Which is why, there is never a day when Najib or his circle of advisors are not ‘up to no good’. As far as Sarawak Report is concerned, the Prime Minister is as ‘criminally and morally perverse’ as is his wife, who ‘flaunts her wealth’ and ‘runs the show from behind the curtains of deceit’. As long as Ms. Rewcastle gets paid, she will continue to pull wool over your eyes with shoddy tales wrapped around conjectures and hearsay, none of which are substantiated, none of which hold in the court of law.




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