Clear signs that Guan Eng is turning into Guan End

Lim Sian See

Here is an interesting trend shown on MalaysiaKini, the bastion of Pakatan support.

Articles where Lim Guan Eng defending himself over the Penang Tunnel saga is markedly less popular than the questions on the Penang Undersea Tunnel itself.

For example, when Wee Ka Siong challenged Guan Eng to debate, that Mkini article got 749 shares and when Guan Eng declined to debate, it had 391 shares.

And then when Ka Siong said Guan Eng is a coward and there is no need for pages of excuses from Guan Eng not to debate, it received 873 shares.

However, Guan Eng’s reply admitting he was a coward received a much higher 984 shares.

When Eric See-To told Guan Eng not to langsi as he is not number one, this article had 721 shares but when Guan Eng said he is still the number one and that Eric is a liar and likes to sue, the article only got 184 shares.

Eric’s reply that he had only ever sued one person before – Guan Eng, the reply had 564 shares.


More recent is when Eric questioned Guan Eng about his photo with the RM19mil man, that article got 816 shares.

The article with the reply from Guan Eng which said one photo doesn’t prove anything and where he threatened to sue the media only received 313 shares.

However, Eric’s reply asking Guan Eng not to over-react and pointed out that the photo of Guan Eng was at the RM19mil man’s house, it received 517 shares.

This lack of interest in Guan Eng’s reply is also reflected in video views on FB.

Guan Eng’s last video where he said Wee Ka Siong lied in his accusations on Penang Tunnel only received 4,300 views.

However, the last video of Ka Siong posing the questions on Penang Tunnel received 45,000 views.

While the one before that got 20,000 views.

And also 48,000 views

While Social media and news portal – even in Mkini – is not a measure of the popularity of Guan Eng, does this show that the growing Penang Tunnel Scandal is having a major effect on people’s trust in Guan Eng and his popularity?

Is it possible that people are now getting fed-up with the arrogant self-declared number one coward?

Source: Lim Sian See



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