Coronavirus: Minister lacks tact, presents ‘militaristic’ feel..

Life as it was before the pandemic was already stressful, thanks to student loans, mortgages, high cost of living, politics and everything else the globalised financial prison matrix had to offer. Source (pic): TTF Files

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

چوروناۏيروس: جوروچاكڤ ءكورڠ بيكسانء، تيمبولكن راس ءكتنترأنء

To keep hygene the top priority amid the Coronavirus threat is ideal. To secure the wellbeing of the people as the country balltes the pandemic domestically is noteworthy.

But to keep dumming in the idea that “you will be in trouble” day in day out is ridiculous ad somewhat militaristic. It is, particularly when you consider that the person doing so is a government minister.

There are 101 ways in which one can communicate a message. I could tell you to “see a doctor” if you have a lump on your breast or “many with lumps die yearly” to pull you down.

Granted, a single message can trigger a confluence of emotions among people as different people react to the same thing differently.

But one can control the general vibe a message sends from the way the message is packaged. Take the following two as cases in example:

1. “It’s advisable to see a doctor if you have a lump in your breast. It could be nothing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

2. “Many die yearly due to breast cancer. They refuse to seek advice from the doctor when a lump appears and ususally end up in clinics when it is too late. If you’re one of them, you will pay the price.”

Both are effective in delivering the same message, though the second one triggers more fear and anxiety. Sometimes, it is necessary to put the message across this way.

But day in day out?

You lose your audience. Over time, people simply get fed up and start harbouring adverse feelings for you.


The deed would be done though, no doubt about it. People will come to realise the importance of regular checkups and seeking advice early whenever a lump is detected.

But the second message comes with a price –  the same people will view the messenger to be a pessimist, alarmist, cynic or one who completely lacks tact and diplomacy.

And they will hate him (or her) for it.

Life as it was before the pandemic was already stressful, thanks to student loans, mortgages, the high cost of living, politics and everything else the globalised financial prison matrix had to offer.

Things got worse with the pandemic, and many are sorely depressed. The brighter ones and some scientists can see all too clearly that something is not kosher about the whole affair.

But nobody is providing answers.

“Breaking the chain of infections? What about the common flu, which seems far deadlier than the Coronavirus by any standard? Why no lockdown then?”


“1-3 metre social distancing? Did you know that the droplets in a single sneeze travels way further than that? So what gives?”

Yes, nobody appears on our television sets day in day out answering these “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ), probably on everyone’s mind. Not even an interactive broadcast where viewers can call in to ask questions, live.

To be honest, I can live with that.

But warnings?

“There will be no more compromise, you will be compounded first, then asked to return home.”


“Home owners will be answerable if more than 20 people attend a raya gathering.”

Beware this.. no compromise that.. final warning…every other day, 24-7…we have a militaristic minded person who completely lacs tact and diplomacy as minister. This will ultimately impact on his administration.

Every so often, I tell myself that I need to carry his statement from time to time. But then, when I think about it, I am reminded that by doing so, I would only be adding on to the misery of the people.

And from the conversations I’ve had with many, everyone just seems to hate him. It’s a pity, really.

That is my frank opinion, no hard feelings..


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