Coronavirus pandemic may lead to a Banking Coup

Abdassamad Clarke

ڤندميق چوروناۏيروس بوليه منجوروس كڤد ءرامڤاسن بڠكء

Every flu or viral or bacterial infection has been hyped in recent years as possibly THE pandemic. During that process, some people have ‘gamed’ scenarios.

This is not conspiracy theory, but just what the corporate world, banking, finance, the military, intelligence and the state do, and probably ought to do. What-if scenarios.

It seems that all of these forces put these gamed scenarios into effect this time. Not just locally but globally. Overlapping jurisdictions.

One look at the ‘markets’ is enough to show that the scale of its problems vastly outweighs the pandemic. However, problems are what they do. Crisis is their daily reality. This crisis is proving potentially very fruitful for them.

As business life shuts down at an unprecedented rate, and great parts of certain industries are likely to go bankrupt, tourism and catering etc., then the banks stand ready to lend, but as usual it is money they don’t have, but for which they will charge ‘very reasonable rates of interest’.

This will be a global transformation of business. Of course, business has always been in debt to banks, but this is a coup of gigantic proportions and a transformation of incalculable dimensions.

At the same time the state, in every jurisdiction, has used the emergency to advance its sovereignty, which, as we know, is always subject to finance, i.e. this is also a move by finance. Carl Schmitt said, ‘Sovereign is the one who decides on the state of emergency’.

The clue to this scenario is in Ian Dallas’s seminal work Engines of the Broken World ( whose subject is the Roman Empire, its transformation from Republic, and the parallels with our age.


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