Daim, GoM know where Jho Low is

Impossible that Bukit Aman does not know Jho Low’s location. Source (pic): NST Online

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

Following are news reports regarding the whereabouts of Jho Low:

11thof May 2019: Unknown, according to the Government of Malaysia (GoM).

8thof July 2018: Known: “Mahathir and Daim negotiated terms with Jho Low on Skype and know where he is” – RJ Rithaudeen.

20thof August 2018: Known: “He was in Macau the last time. I think the GoM knows where he is” – Daim Zainuddin (confirms what I said)

9thof January 2019: Unknown, but believed to be in China, according to Wall Street Journal.

12thof April 2019: Known: he definitely is in China, according to Sin Chew Daily.

19thof April 2019: Unknown, not even sure if he’s in China, according to Chinese Ambassador Bai Tian.

8thof May 2019: Known: “I have a rough idea where he is, but can’t tell you” – Daim Zainuddin (reaffirms what I said).

22ndof May 2019: Known: Police have new leads (close to what Daim said)


1. Jho Low’s whereabouts is known to the GoM and Daim Zainuddin

2. I was right to say that Daim knew Jho Low’s whereabouts.

3. Media reports are inconsistent, while the GoM’s statements completely contrast claims made by Daim and police.

4. For some reason, the GoM is making it seem as if finding Jho Low is more difficult than it was for the US to locate Saddam Hussein


Bukit Aman, which has the capacity to tap into phone conversations to large extents, knows precisely where Jho Low is.