DAP in state of chaos as supporters reject PKR logo

DAP is now in a state of chaos upon realising the possibility that its supporters may not vote for the PKR logo on polling day.

The party’s decision to forgo its logo in favour of PKR’s is likely to cost the party dearly.

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP is now akin to a ‘cat on a hot tin roof’ after its move to use the PKR logo in the 14th General Election (GE14) has sparked uproar among its own supporters.

DAP Labour Bureau vice-chairman Amran Ahmad said the party is now in a state of chaos upon realising the possibility that its supporters may not vote for the PKR logo on polling day.

“DAP was previously struggling to deal with their decision to use the PKR logo. And now, as polling day is upon us, they are still grappling with the same issue.

“They are especially afraid that the elderly Chinese will not vote for PKR in GE14 when they do not see the DAP logo on the ballot paper,” he said.

Amran said DAP’s actions in trying to secure Malay votes appear to have backfired, much to the party’s detriment. As such, he advised the people not to cast their votes for PKR.

“A vote for PKR means we are handing the country over to DAP, who are only using Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as their puppet,” he said.


On Monday, Negri Sembilan Barisan Nasional chief, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, had described DAP’s decision to forgo its logo in favour of PKR’s as one that would cost the party dearly.

“I was told that the DAP flags were raised in their ceramah. I think Lim Kit Siang is starting to regret this; he initially thought the Chinese votes were already in the bag, but he has only succeeded in confusing the Chinese voters. The urban voters may be aware of this but not the rural ones,” he said.

Meanwhile, DAP’s former Malay-Islam Affairs strategic director, Mohamad Razali Abdul Rahman, said DAP’s act of seeking to gain Malay votes has only succeeded in sparking outrage among its supporters.

“They know that the Chinese are dissatisfied. Why? Because the logo (rocket) is their party’s symbol. Their symbol can be so easily discarded just to grab the Malay votes.

“And at the same time, DAP have failed to pull in the Malay votes and even incurred the wrath of the Chinese. So they had to go around explaining to the Chinese that if you vote for the PKR logo, it’s the same as voting for DAP.

“The majority of the Chinese folk I’ve met are clearly displeased with this turn of events. They figure that if DAP can let go of its logo so easily, what else are they willing to sacrifice.”

Source: NST Online



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