DAP insider blows whistle on the existence of 120 phantom branches

Lim Sian See

The Chinese media reported that a DAP insider has revealed that one of several reasons given in the RoS letter stating why the DAP CEC 2013 re-election was invalid is …

*The presence of 120 “phantom” branches!* (as Sin Chew puts it).

Dudes, you do election in 2012 and you have 865 branches and then you screw up using Excel.

But when you were asked in July 2013 to do re-election using the exact same delegate list and branches, your September 2013 re-election suddenly increase 120 branches to 985 branches?

What are you trying to do? Still wanting to blame BN or RoS or Excel?

Sabotage your own re-election so that someone can beat the term limits and extend his grip on power?

Please don’t mistakenly (or deliberately) screw up again this time, okay?