DAP leaders pay for their arrogance

Kit Siang has been crying wolf and tried to gain sympathy by pretending that DAP is a victim of foul play. Kit Siang was hoping that the RoS would deregister the party, which would solve a lot of problems for him. However, the implication is that unless DAP complies then it would not have a legitimate Secretary General to sign the Surat Watikah. And without the Surat Watikah the SPR cannot recognise DAP’s candidates as party candidates in the general election. The RoS also said the second reelection must be based on the delegates’ list who have the right to attend and vote in the DAP CEC dated 15 December 2012, involving 2,576 delegates from 865 branches.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Today, the Registrar of Societies (RoS) came out with a press statement, which you can read below. The RoS said it will be sending DAP an official letter soon and that this press statement is in response to the many statements that the DAP leaders have been making over the last week or so.

Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, and many more have been saying that Umno is trying to get DAP deregistered. The RoS said it has no intention to do that (JPPM tidak berniat sama sekali untuk membatalkan Parti DAP) and, in fact, recognises DAP as a legal and legitimate party (pihak JPPM menganggap bahawa Parti DAP sebagai sebuah parti yang sah di sisi undang-undang).

So Kit Siang’s, Guan Eng’s and all those other DAP leaders’ spin that Umno (or the RoS) intends to deregister DAP is one big, fat lie. It was not only meant to confuse the whole issue and make it appear like DAP is the innocent and unfortunate victim but also as a means to gain sympathy. DAP hopes that this sympathy factor can help them get 100% Chinese support and Chinese votes. But now the RoS has confirmed that no one is trying to get DAP deregistered — so it is all in the minds of the DAP leaders who are victims of their own propaganda.

The bottom line is, as explained by the RoS, DAP members themselves complained that the December 2012 party election was fraudulent. So the RoS was just acting on the complaints of DAP members and to protect the interest of DAP’s own members — who are actually the real victims here. You can read the details in this article: Kit Siang Is Cheating The Chinese, AgainWhat was said in that article is:

DAP’s current 20-member CEC is illegal because the party’s December 2012 AGM was illegal. So that means the appointment of the Secretary General is also illegal and anything he signs, the Surat Watikah included, is illegal. All DAP needs to do is to hold the party election again. Invite the 2,576 eligible delegates to attend the meeting. Do not bar the 753 eligible candidates from attending the meeting. Do not allow the 547 phantom voters or pengundi hantu to attend the meeting and vote. What is so difficult with that? Why can’t DAP do a simple thing like that?


Instead of addressing that, Kit Siang plays his drama by saying he would consider retiring from politics if it would prevent DAP from getting deregistered ahead of the coming general election. “If my political retirement is the condition for the end of the Umno/ BN conspiracy to deregister DAP, say so, and I will give it consideration,” Kit Siang said.

The fact is Kit Siang was hoping and praying that the RoS would deregister DAP. That then solves a lot of problems for him. But the RoS does not plan to do that. They just want DAP to address the illegality of its December 2012 party election and the illegality of the September 2013 reelection by holding a second reelection.

Even if DAP still refuses to do that the RoS did not say they will deregister DAP. At worst DAP’s 20-member CEC would not be recognised. And the second reelection will allow the 20-member CEC to be recognised (bagi membolehkan para perwakilan memilih 20 orang anggota CEC yang sah dan diiktiraf).

The RoS said, “Ini amat penting di sisi undang-undang memandangkan pelantikan bagi jawatan utama parti mempunyai peranan yang penting sebagai wakil parti yang mempunyai autoriti untuk menandatangani watikah pelantikan calon untuk mewakili parti dalam pilihanraya yang diiktiraf oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya.”

In short, if the second reelection is not held, then the 20-member CEC will not be legal and hence they cannot appoint the party office bearers. And one of these important party office bearers is the Secretary General. The Secretary General will need to sign the Surat Watikahduring the general election and without this Surat Watikah the Elections Commission (SPR) will not recognise DAP’s candidates as party candidates.

Hence if DAP wants to field any official candidates in the next general election it has to get its Secretary General legalised by first getting the 20-member CEC legalised and that can only be done if the party election is also legal.

DAP should have done this as soon as the RoS told them to do it. However, they tried to sidestep this by holding a new party election in September 2013 based on a new members’ list instead of holding a reelection based on the delegates’ list who have the right to attend and vote in the 15 December 2012 election that would involve 2,576 delegates from 865 branches.

Kit Siang was hoping that by not complying then the RoS would have no choice but to deregister the party. That would then solve Kit Siang’s problems because then he can form a new party and purge his enemies from the new party by not allowing them to join the party. Now, however, that has backfired because the RoS does not want to deregister DAP but wants them to just hold a second reelection.

The ball is now at their feet. It is up to DAP what they want to do next. They can do nothing if they want but then there will be no Secretary General to sign the Surat Watikah in the next general election. Or they can hold the second reelection and become legal again.

Let’s see what Liew Chin Tong is going to do now. He started this whole thing by attacking Umno during Hari Raya when he should instead have observed and respected that period of peace and goodwill. Chin Tong’s insolence attracted a response from Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad who told him to look at his own party first regarding their illegal party election rather than worry about Umno.

After that many other DAP leaders jumped in and started making all sorts of statements accusing Umno of being behind the move to deregister DAP. That left the RoS with little choice but to set the record straight by informing the public as to the real situation. And that real situation is DAP is not being deregistered but it must hold a second reelection to rectify the illegality of its 2012 election and the 2013 reelection.




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