DAP members submit memorandum seeking display of candidate list

According to media reports, DAP vice-chairman Teressa Kok said the re-election had been proposed for Sept 10

PUTRAJAYA: Three DAP members today submitted memorandums to the Registrar of Societies (RoS), urging the party to display the list of eligible people who can vote in the re-election of the Central Executive Committee (CEC).

Deputy chairman of DAP Taman Ehsan, Klang branch, L. Pannerselvam; deputy chairman of Taman Murni, Sepang branch, A. Thirumalvalavan and former chairman of Bagan Luar, Penang branch, G. Asoghan submitted the three memorandums to an RoS representative at the compound of Complex D, here.

The three DAP representatives told reporters that they wanted the list of names, identity card numbers and branches of the 2,576 delegates based on the name list in 2012, to be displayed in the local newspapers and portals before the re-election.

Pannerselvam said displaying the list would mean the CEC re-election would be transparent and the list would not be disputed.

He claimed that in the CEC re-election in 2013, there were phantom voters from 120 additional branches, hence they had lost trust in DAP in conducting the re-election without a display of the list of delegates.

In the memorandums, the three delegates state that they want the ballot papers to be counted in front of the delegates and the process to be audited by an audit company verified by the RoS.

On July 17, the DAP received a letter from the RoS instructing it to hold a CEC re-election.

The order was issued as the RoS still had not received and endorsed the election held on Dec 15, 2012, and the re-election on Sept 29, 2013.


According to media reports, DAP vice-chairman Teressa Kok said the re-election had been proposed for Sept 10.

Source: Bernama

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